10 Best Cheap Burton Snowboards

When you shop for a new snowboard, you want to find a high quality board at an affordable price. There are many different brands and styles to choose from, and the search can seem overwhelming, even for the most experienced snowboarder. Fortunately, there are a wide range of affordable snowboards from renowned brand Burton for all levels from beginner to expert that will meet all your needs on even the biggest, gnarliest slopes. Read on to learn more about ten of our favorite Burton snowboards and make an educated choice when selecting your next favorite board, be it for yourself or anyone in the family!

1. Men’s Burton Ripcord Snowboard

Perfect for helping beginner and intermediate snowboarders learn the ropes– or the slopes– the Burton Ripcord Snowboard has a specially designed shape that allows snowboarders to experience a variety of terrain and conditions with ease. The Flat Top with Easy Bevel design adds stability and control; and the flex of the board provides a high level of performance ability, typically unseen in a beginner’s board. This board is compatible with a variety of bindings. Soft and flexible, this is an excellent board for a learner or intermediate looking for room to grow.

Features: Flat Top (TM) with Easy Bevel, Directional Flex, 5mm Taper Directional Flex, Biax Fiberglass (TM), The Channel (TM).

2. Men’s Burton Instigator Snowboard

New for 2018, the Instigator snowboard is one of Burton’s great All-Mountain, flexible Flat Top beginner boards. This “no-fuss” board provides an accellerated learning curve for all levels with the sleek design and graphics Burton is known for. This board features The Channel mounting system that is compatible with most bindings. From beginner to intermediate and beyond, this board has the specs to become your favorite board on any slope.

Features: FSC Certified Super Fly 800G Core,Dualzone EGD, and Squeezebox Low, Flat Top, Biax Fiberglass, Super Sap Epoxy, Twin Flex.

3. Kids’ Burton Chopper Snowboard

If you’re shopping for the perfect board for your budding snowboarder, this kids’ size Burton Chopper is sure to get the job done. Made with the high quality of adults’ Burton boards, the ease of use and control will give your young snowboarder the confidence they need to learn.

Features: FSC Certified Wood Core, Flat Top with Easy Rider, Biax Fiberglass, Twin Flex.

4. Kids’ Burton Riglet Snowboard

Even the littlest snowboarders need a high quality, durable board. The Burton Riglet is the ideal training setup for the very beginner boarder. This model is meant to be used by a child weighing between 25 and 50lbs. It can be used on nearly any surface to teach balance and other early skills needed to grow into a lifetime of riding the slopes. Included inserts allow for the attachment of bindings when your learner is ready to take it to the next level!

Features: Just like the adult boards you know and love, this kids’ trainer board features Burton’s Twin Shape, Flat Top, and Twin Flex.

5. Men’s Burton Amplifier Wide Snowboard

This high end Burton board features the artwork of multimedia artist Kevin Strickland. New and improved features include Frostbite edges that let you grip and control in any condition, on any terrain you can handle! This all-mountain performance board provides the perfect marriage of bend and pop.

Features: The Channel, Twin Flex, Biax Fiberglass, Frostbite Edges, Super Sap Epoxy, Extruded Base, FSC Certified Super Fly 800G Core, and Flat Top.

6. Men’s Burton Clash Snowboard

Are you a beginner looking for a board that can shred? Or are you an intermediate on a budget looking for a board to eviscerate the powder? The clash offers the best of both worlds: affordability and high performance. Enjoy stable riding and versatility with Burton’s Flat Top design, change your stance instantaneously with The Channel mounting system. Enjoy pro-level performance that’s easy on the wallet.

Features: Art by Tyler Keeton Robbins, Cruise Control Edge Tune, Twin Flex, Squeezbox Low, Directional 3-6mm taper.

7. Burton Ready to Ride Snowboard Package

Whether this package is a gift for a loved one or a gift for yourself, it has everything you need to start shredding like a pro. Featuring an FSC Certified Fly 900G Core, Biax Fiberglass, and other high quality essentials Burton is known for, this kit comes with a killer board, binding, and carry sleeve for easy, protective gear transport. Specially designed for beginner and intermediate snowboarders, this package is ready to show you the fundamentals of your next favorite winter sport.

8. Women’s Burton Social Snowboard

Ready to learn new tricks or improve your overall handling on the slopes? This women’s board is ready to shred. With tight edging and superior flexibility, this all-mountain, freestyle board has everything you need. Edgy snowboarding has never been so laid back as with this bright, colorful, high-performance women’s board.

Features: The Channel- compatible with most bindings, Twin Shape, Soft Flex, Scoop, and Pro-Tip. Core: Burton’s FSC Certified Super Fly 800G, Dualzone EGD, and Squeezebox Low.

9. Women’s Burton Stylus Snowboard

This is considered the best women’s beginner board in the Burton line. Do you want a reliable, durable board to gain some experience points on the slopes? The Women’s Stylus is the perfect entry-level board for snowboarder looking to boost their confidence, get a good foundation of balance, and skill, providing a fear free stepping stone to a high performance board.

Features: The Channel mounting system, Easy Bevel for relaxed flex, Twin Shape, and Flat Top.

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10. Kids’ Burton Custom Smalls Wide Snowboard

Last but not least on our list of 10 Best Cheap Burton Snowboards is the kid-sized version of one of Burton’s most versatile boards. If you’re looking for a board that will boost your budding snowboarder’s skill level and provide them with a flexible, maneuverable, effortless ride, the Custom Smalls is the ideal choice. Precision and quality in a small package, this kids’ board has all the features and is constructed from the materials you’d expect from Burton; and the kind-to-your-wallet price tag shows you can get lightweight, durable, quality kids’ boards for a reasonable price/

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