10 Best Cheap Men’s Snowboard Helmets

By SGS Staff
August 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best cheap men’s snowboard helmets available online.

Snowboarding is an intense, high-speed sport — which is why helmets are a must. A great men’s helmet protects your head from impact, which reduces the likelihood of injury in case of an accident. In addition, the helmet adds an extra layer of warmth on a cold winter day. As you choose from the many different models on the market, consider factors such as fit, ventilation, coverage, and style. In addition, you can look for special features like integrated audio technology and goggle strap retainers. These 10 helmets are among the best cheap options on the market.

1. BERN Watts Helmet

Bern Best Cheap Men’s Snowboard Helmets

Versatile and sturdy, the BERN Watts helmet is a great option if you’re a multi-sport athlete. It’s safety certified for both bikes and snow sports, so you can use it year-round. The simple styling and baseball-cap brim look sleek and sporty, and the solid color is right at home on the slopes or on your morning commute. Use the Crank Fit dial to adjust the helmet to fit over your head or a base layer, and rely on the liner to reduce sweat condensation. The exterior is made with EPS and ABS for durability and protection.

2. WildHorn Outfitters Drift Helmet

WildHorn Outfitters Drift Best Cheap Men’s Snowboard Helmets

When you’re doing an intense run or riding a terrain park, ventilation is crucial. That’s where this WildHorn Outfitters helmet can help. It’s built with an active ventilation system that brings cool air in from the front and allows hot air to escape out the back. The vents slide open and closed, so you can keep warmth in on the lift. Built with lightweight materials in a streamlined shape, this helmet is comfortable and low-profile. Inside, a plush liner keeps you comfortable, and the ear pads work with your audio system.

3. Smith Optics Holt Helmet

Smith Optics Best Cheap Men’s Snowboard Helmets

Simple and streamlined, the Smith Optics Holt helmet is an ideal option for snowboarders who like to make a low-key statement at the hill. The Bombshell construction is designed to protect your head in case of a fall, and the padded interior reduces pressure as you’re riding. With its convertible padding kit, this helmet can be used for biking and other year-round sports. If you like to listen to music on the slopes, you can upgrade this helmet with a Skullcandy audio system.

4. OutdoorMaster KELVIN Helmet

OutdoorMaster Kelvin Best Cheap Men’s Snowboard Helmets

When you need a budget-friendly snowboard helmet, the OutdoorMaster Kelvin is an affordable choice. This no-frills model uses an ABS shell and an EPS core to protect and cushion your head. The ventilation system features 14 vents to ensure a constant stream of cooling air. That way, you don’t need to worry about excess sweating or discomfort. Choose from a variety of colors to match your snowboard jacket, and use the simple dial to create the right fit.

5. Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet

Lucky Bums Best Cheap Men’s Snowboard Helmets

Tackle the terrain park safely when you’re wearing this Lucky Bums helmet. It’s designed with all-around protection to give you peace of mind on the hill. The thick padding and fabric lining are gentle on your head and ears, and the built-in mesh screens keep you cool and dry. With its two-layer ABS and EPS construction, this helmet complies with EN1077 standards. Select a simple black model for versatility, or opt for a bright color to increase visibility.

6. Anon Raider Multi-Season Helmet

Anon Best Cheap Men’s Snowboard Helmets

Stay safe during all of your sporting activities with this Anon Raider helmet. It features a multi-season design, so you can wear it for snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, and more. On the back, a convenient strap restraint keeps your goggles in place, so you can flip them up between runs without the risk of slipping. The ear pads are removable to accommodate a beanie, and the chin strap keeps the helmet in place during fast runs.

7. Bern Team Brighton EPS Helmet

Bern Brighton - Best Cheap Men’s Snowboard Helmets

Embrace your cycle style with this Bern Team Brighton helmet. Designed with classic lines, it looks right at home on singletrack or at the ski hill. Plus, since it’s certified for both cycle and snow sports, you can use it year-round. The low-profile design suits your relaxed snowboarding style, and the single-sizing fit system allows you to stay comfortable all day.

8. Smith Optics Variance Helmet

Smith Optics Variance - Best Cheap Men’s Snowboard Helmets

Suit all of your outdoor endeavors with this Smith Optics Variance helmet. Built with a baseball-cap-inspired visor, thick ear pads, and a full back, this helmet transitions easily from the ski hill to the snowmobile trail. The hybrid shell is firm and protective, and the built-in vents help prevent uncomfortable moisture buildup when you’re hitting jumps or riding a long run.

9. Giro Ledge MIPS Snow Helmet

Giro Ledge MIPS - Best Cheap Men’s Snowboard Helmets

Sleek and streamlined, the Giro Ledge MIPS helmet looks sporty yet relaxed. The matte hard shell doesn’t reflect the sun, and the super-cool vents allow air to flow near your forehead, the top of your head, and the base of your neck for maximum comfort. Use the Auto Loc system to adjust the fit, and slip the goggle retainer in place to prevent your strap from slipping.

10. Oakley Mod3 Factory Pilot Helmet

Oakley Mod3 - Best Cheap Men’s Snowboard Helmets

If you struggle with goggle fogging, the Oakley Mod3 helmet can help you solve the problem. The secret is the modular brim system; it fits goggles comfortably and vents hot air away to remove steam buildup. Plus, since you can adjust the vents, it’s easy to accommodate a range of temperatures and wind conditions. Slip your earbuds into the ear pad slits for easy listening.

As you’re researching different men’s snowboarding helmets, these 10 options are a great place to start. Each one is designed for durability and safety, so you can hit the slopes with confidence. When you pick a helmet that suits your style and fit preferences, you’re more likely to wear it and stay safe as you shred.

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