10 Best Cheap Girls Snowboard Boots

When looking for cheap girls snowboard boots, it can be difficult to navigate the quality and variety that is out there. There is a wealth of affordable girls snowboard boots available that will still be able to withstand heavy use, and many of them offer the same high-quality features of their more high-end counterparts. Don’t waste money on overpriced snowboard boots that kids will grow out of in one season! With everything from a more flexible structure, to the quality of the Velcro straps, to the colors and styles, there is a wide range of low-cost girls snowboard boots on the market.

1. Burton Mini-Grom Snowboard Boots


These super soft and flexible snowboard boots are the perfect low-cost option for winter sports. With their DynoLite Outsole, they are able to take the freezing temperatures and routine abuse of a snowboarding trip, not to mention the extra grip and cushioning provided. By making these affordable girls snowboard boots as lightweight as possible, Burton has improved the board feel and allowed for better control while snowboarding. These boots are also expandable to allow for growing kids, making them an excellent value for the money.

2. K2 Girls LIL KAT Snowboard Boot


The K2 LIL KAT snowboard boots are stylish and functional. With an internal J-bar structure, they are incredibly durable and supportive for long snowboarding trips. These low-cost girls snowboard boots have a tough inner structure that will stretch along with growth, making them a good option for beginning snowboarders. They feature a Boa lacing system that will be sure to keep your child secure on the board and confident in their learning.

3. 5150 Starlet Snowboard Boots


The 5150 Starlet snowboard boots for girls are an excellent bet when trying to find the middle ground between quality and value. Complete with speed hooks that make them easier to tie, especially for little ones with mittens on! The removable insole allows for an easy adjustment in fit and cushion, and the shell is ergonomically designed to provide the most comfort. Perfect for kids who want to shred as hard as they can while still staying comfortable.

4. Burton Zipline BOA Snowboard Boots


Burton continues its tradition of quality with the Zipline BOA line of affordable girls snowboard boots. With their signature DynoLite Outsole, these boots are a perfect stepping stone to professional boots. The snow-proof liner will ensure that your child will stay comfortable and warm on the mountain, no matter how hard they snowboard. The shell is flexible and lightweight, making them perfect for kids spending long hours snowboarding, and the molded footbed gives all-day support.

5. Burton Grom BOA Snowboard Boots


Burton’s Grom line of BOA low-cost girls snowboard boots is no exception to their rule of quality. The BOA closure system makes it easy and convenient for anyone to put these boots on, especially for moms and dads getting the kids ready to go. With no separate liner, they are incredibly convenient and their simple design makes them truly stand out. While learning to ride, there is nothing more important than for the little shredder to be comfortable, and the elegant construction of these boots is made to do just that.

6. Avalanche Eclipse XII Jr Snowboard Boots


These affordable snowboards boots for girls from Avalanche are perfect for the beginner snowboarder who is going to be doing a lot of hiking on the hill. Their comfortable, reinforced toe cup makes them ideal for long treks up the mountain, and their incredible grip is perfect for learning how to use the bindings on a board. Made of water-resistant nylon, the Avalanche Eclipse XIIs are a fantastic value!

7. M3 Venus Snowboard Boots


These stitch-reinforced, value-priced girls snowboard boots cannot be beaten as far as durability is concerned. With professional grade construction, the M3 Venus snowboard boots will last for many, many trips up and down the mountain. A traditional style lacing system gives these boots a pro-feel and provides security on the board. The flexible panels of neoprene provide solid construction and make these affordable girls snowboard boots a great buy.

8. Firefly C32 Girls Snowboard Boots

firefly-c32-girls-snowboard-boots-cheap-girls-snowboard-bootsThese snowboard boots for girls are specialized for all-mountain freestyle snowboarding and are designed for intermediate use. The medium flex of the boot makes it easy for kids who can get in and out of the bindings themselves. With no removable liner and a comfort fit, these boots are great for kids who are already snowboarding on their own. The soft flex outsole makes it easy to maneuver on the board, allowing for better control for little ones.

9. Burton Coco Women’s Snowboard Boots


These low-cost girls snowboard boots are for older kids or teenagers who are looking to shred the powder like the pros. With thick, rubber ice spikes, these boots will grip any surface and give a solid feel for the ground beneath your teen’s feet. The 3D molded tongue makes for a comfortable feel and excellent shock absorption while snowboarding or hiking, and can be adjusted for more or less cushion, making them incredibly versatile.

10. K2 Youth Mini Turbo: Snowboard Boots


The K2 Youth Mini Turbos are fantastic, affordable girls snowboard boots that have a look and feel of stylish quality. The Boa lacing system allows the boot to expand, and the internal J-bars give these boots a rock-solid construction, that is important for snowboarding performance no matter what level your child might be at. The loops on the heel and tongue provide a grip for putting the boots on and taking them off, solving a source of endless frustration for beginning snowboarders.

If your child is just learning how to stand up on their board, or if they are already shredding up and down the mountain, there are many options for cheap girls snowboard boots available to make your winter vacation all the more memorable.

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