Top 10 Best Telemark Skis

Telemark skiing is one of the most popular styles of skiing in the world. It combines elements of Nordic and Alpine skiing for a hybrid style that provides a unique experience. The top 10 best Telemark skis are suitable for downhill and cross-country skiing and trekking across firm and powdery snow. They are specially engineered for speed and performance while enabling skiers to make sharp turns without tumbling over. Choosing the right pair of Telemark skis can be a challenge, but this list of great choices will make the process much easier.

1. Rossignol Evo OT 65 IFP Positrack XC Skis with Control Step-In Bindings

Rossignol created a high-performance pair of skis with their Evo OT 65 skis. They feature Positrack tuning to reduce the impact on the soles of skiers. The core of the Evo skis is made from wood, and it contains a performance-boosting air channel to make the skis lighter and easier to control. The active caps and metal edges of the skis reinforce the exterior to add protection and stability for extreme skiing. These Rossignol skis are the perfect choice for both serious and casual skiers looking for quality gear for their winter excursions.

2. Black Diamond Helio 95 Skis

The Black Diamond Helio 95 skis are specially engineered for excellent performance. They feature early-rise tips and tails that make sharp turns easier and more stable. With a 105-millimeter width at the center, they offer incredible versatility and control. The Helio skis are constructed from ultra lightweight balsa flax wood, and they contain skin clip tabs and ABS tail protectors for added protection and comfort. Black Diamond has specifically designed the Helios skis for a mix of 70-percent soft and 30-percent hard snow.

3. Salomon Snowscape 7 XC Skis with Prolink Access Bindings

These extra long Snowscape 7 XC skis from Salomon are designed for cross-country excursions through the snow. They feature a 51-48-46-49-millimeter side profile that is perfect for making turns on hilly terrain. Starting and stopping is easy with these flexible and dynamic cross-country skis. They are precisely shaped with a sidecut S shape that improves stability and reduces impact on rough terrain. With a high-performance G2 Plus grip system, they will stay strapped to your feet in any conditions.

4. Atomic Backland 95 Hybrid Skin Skis

For skiers looking for a pair of high-performance skis that are designed for extreme conditions, these Backland 95 Hybrid Skin skis from Atomic are the perfect choice. They combine Atomic’s time-tested HRZN technology with an unbreakable carbon backbone to create a pair of skis that can hold up to any terrain. The Backland 95 skis are made from lightweight wood-core materials that are designed for excellent performance with minimal effort.

5. Rossignol Evo OT Positrack Ski One Color

The Evo OT skis from Rossignol are perfectly shaped to provide great control and stability on downhill slopes. They include Rossignol’s carefully engineered Positrack technology to give skiers support and traction on soft, powdery snow and steep hills. The Evo OT skis are designed for fast skiing on some of the most difficult ski slopes. They are specially shaped to help skiers stay balanced and secure while speeding down ski slopes and trekking across snowy cross-country trails.

6. Salomon Quest 90 Skis

Salomon created the Quest 90 skis for winter sports enthusiasts who want the ultimate skiing experience on a variety of surfaces. They are constructed from full wood cores and reinforced fiberglass exterior housing. The Quest 90 skis are designed for supreme performance. They can handle a 15.5-meter turn radius for super-fast turning on downhill ski slopes. With an eye-catching design and professional-quality construction, the Quest 90 skis are a great choice for any situation.

7. Dynafit Baltoro Ski – Women’s White/Orange

The Baltoro skis are created by Dynafit to provide excellent support and stability on the ice and snow. They feature strong Paulownia cores and a sandwich sidewall construction that makes turning and braking smooth and consistent. The Baltoro skis have a 101-millimeter width, and they weigh a mere two pounds and 13.5 ounces. With a turn radius of 17.5 meters, they offer excellent skiing performance and precise maneuverability.

8. Dynafit Seven Summits 2.0 Ski

The Seven Summits 2.0 skis from Dynafit feature flex tips, pin tails and carbon steel stringers. They have a strong micro sidewall construction and a triple-radius design that makes skiing and steering safe and easy. The Seven Summits 2.0 skis measure 179 centimeters in length, and they are decorated with a striking blue, grey and red design that evokes mountain landscapes and mythical dragons.

9. Blizzard Scout Skis

Blizzard Entertainment designed the Scout skis for high-performance skiing on powdery slopes. They measure 170 centimeters in length and 108 millimeters in width at the center. The widest section of the tip measures 122 millimeters, and the Scout skis are capable of a 27-meter turn radius. With a sturdy ISO and bamboo core and a sandwich sidewall construction, the Scout skis are designed for speed and performance.

10. Nordica Vagabond Ski One Color

The Vagabond skis are designed by Nordica to provide excellent control on difficult, powdery surfaces. They measure 107 millimeters in width at the center and 125 millimeters at the widest part of the tip. The tips are raised for optimal stability, and the Vagabond skis are capable of turning in a 23-meter radius. With ABS sidewalls constructed from Energy CA i-Core material, these 177-centimeter skis are strong, sturdy and reliable.

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Skiing is a beloved pastime for people all over the world, and a great pair of skis can make any downhill slope enjoyable and memorable. The top 10 Telemark skis all offer dependability, precise construction, flexibility and excellent support.

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