10 Best Cheap Boys Ski Jackets Under $100

By SGS Staff
July 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best cheap boys ski jackets under $100 available online.

The importance of a good ski jacket can be of top priority out on the slopes when temperatures and conditions get testy, but the importance of frugality is also of great priority to virtually all informed shoppers out there. So, among all of the choices in ski jackets on the market today, which options effectively combine a low price with solid quality and dependability? Leave the guesswork aside as we shine some light on this popular shopping area with our review of the top-ten best boys-specific ski jackets available today for under $100.

1. Spyder Boy’s Ambush Ski Jacket

Spyder Boy's Ambush Ski Jacket - Under $100

This Boy’s Ambush Ski Jacket by Spyder is a great, all-around choice in affordable boy’s ski jackets. Wearers of this jacket will enjoy warm, insulated coverage, a head-conforming, removable hood with stay-put internal elastic banding, and 100 percent polyester, machine-washable maintenance convenience. Additional seam-tape reinforcement and a great pocket arrangement also make this one a winner.

2. PHIBEE Big Boy’s Waterproof Breathable Snowboard Ski/Jacket

PHIBEE Big Boy's Waterproof Breathable Snowboard Ski/Jacket - Under $100

PHIBEE does it right by way of this affordable Big Boy’s Waterproof Breathable Snowboard Ski/Jacket. This 100 percent polyester import provides an invaluable layer of waterproofing while also allowing for some air permeability where you need it most. All seams in this model are quality-sealed, the cuffs conform well with an aggressive stretch design, and with an invitingly wide selection of bright and colorful designs to choose from, even the pickiest boy can end up thrilled at what they are wearing.

3. Wantdo Boy’s Waterproof Windproof Ski Jacket

Wantdo Boy's Waterproof Windproof Ski Jacket - Under $100

Another great choice typically found at under $100 comes to us by way of the Boy’s Waterproof Windproof Ski Jacket by Wantdo. This model features a 100 percent polyester windproof and waterproof build with an extra warm, fur-trimmed hood. The ability to withstand actual, directed water pressure and not allow intrusion or soaking is great, and a super-soft inner fabric for constant comfort round things out nicely.

4. Mountain Warehouse Raptor Kid’s Snow Jacket

Mountain Warehouse Raptor Boy's Ski Jacket - Under $100

A sleek and stylishly simple outer look combines with insulated comfort and snowproof resilience in this great ski jacket pick for kids. While heavy fleece lining adds comfort and insulation value all throughout the inside, a fully attached hood and waterproofing provide extra protection on the outside. Finally, a good pocket layout and a great snowskirt and adjustable cuffs add even more value to this best buy.

5. Spyder Boy’s Leader Jacket

Spyder Kids Boy's Leader Ski Jacket - Under $100

The boy’s Leader series of ski jackets by Spyder is a big winner with looks and function all at once. As to those looks, this jacket offers a stunning red and black design with camo trim and the eye-catching Spyder logo abreast. On the function side of things, the Leader earns its name with a quality, removable heavy-weather hood, 140 total grams of Thermaweb insulation fill, and even a handy chamois lens wipe on an attached shock cord.

6. YINGJIELIDE Boy’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

YINGJIELIDE Boy's Waterproof Ski Jacket - Under $100

It doesn’t get much more affordable than this. YINGJIELIDE’s ultra low-cost Boy’s Waterproof Ski Jacket makes warmth and cover a priority with an adjustable snowskirt, waterproofing to 2,000mm, and micro polar fleece that lines the whole inside. In the end, this jacket is one of the most versatile on our list being heavy enough to hit the slopes but light enough to also perform well and not hinder in other, movement-filled sporting activities as well.

7. Wantdo Boy’s Hooded Waterproof Ski Jacket

Wantdo Boy's Hooded Waterproof Ski Jacket - Under $100

Wantdo’s Boy’s Hooded Waterproof Ski Jacket is a stylish, top choice for wintertime weather protection and fun. With a 100 percent polyester design, plenty of internal insulation, and a windproof and waterproof shell, the little one will definitely be ready for the snow. Adjustable cuffs, good pocket placement and solid zipper structure, and a fun choice of three loud design styles also quite appealingly greet the buyer.

8. Spyder Boy’s Flyte Jacket

Spyder Boy's Flyte Ski Jacket - Under $100

Yet again, Spyder shows its leading ability to meld affordability and function, this time with its boy’s Flyte model ski jacket. The Flyte is a fully imported model made from 100 percent polyester and woven using the company’s 5K/5K hydroweb and Spylon DWR technologies. While this jacket is fully machine-washable, it gives up no protective values in exchange – aggressive waterproofing, 60 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation, solid zipping closure systems, and more.

9. Trollkids Kid’s Narvik Water Resistant Heavy Insulated Ski/Snow Jacket

Trollkids Boy's Narvik Water Resistant Heavy Insulated Ski Jacket - Under $100

Trollkids, a name synonymous with fun and reliability in child apparel, brings us this Kid’s Narvik Water Resistant Heavy Insulated Ski/Snow Jacket – a great overall performer at a very reasonable price point. In this model, the wearer gets the pleasure of a 6,000mm waterproof, heavily reinforced shell, a breathable inner system, and plenty of insulation against those particularly cold days and nights. A nice visual design with reflective trim also gives a nice touch to this complete, winning package.

10. Wantdo Boy’s Waterproof Ski Fleece Jacket

Wantdo Boy's Waterproof Ski Jacket - Under $100

Wantdo shows its prowess again on our list with its affordable performer, the Boy’s Waterproof Ski Fleece Jacket. This great model features highly effective windproofing and waterproofing, extra, heavy cotton padding layers, reflective trim for low-light safety, and even a look that can handily fit in with casual and formal happenings alike. Finally, a quality powderskirt system and adjustable cuffs that stay where instructed add extra warmth and peace of mind to the deal.

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