10 Best Cheap Boys’ Ski Boots 2018

Regardless of your preferred sporting activity, purchasing all of the necessary accessories can not only be costly, it can also be frustrating and complicated, but finding cheap boys’ ski boots doesn’t have to be. With a little research, affordable boys’ ski boots, as well as ski boots for the entire family, are available that won’t threaten to break up the household budget. These ski boots are high-quality, durable, stress-tested and certain to provide more than sufficient performance for even the most enthusiastic skier. Following are ten examples of low-cost boys’ ski boots that check off every box as your family prepares for and looks ahead to their winter sports activities.

1. Head Kids Edge J2 Ski Boots

head-kids-edge-j2-ski-boots-best-cheap-boys-ski-bootsFeaturing Easy Entry Shell construction, providing for quick and simple “on-off” capability, the Edge J2 is sturdily built, remarkably comfortable and super lightweight. Boot flexibility is critical for skiers, and the Edge J2 offers excellent “give,” an important factor, especially for younger or even beginning skiers who lack experience. The younger skier will also enjoy the “Design Your Boot” stickers, allowing for a personalized touch.

2. Rossignol Comp J4 Kids Ski Boots

rossignol-comp-j4-kids-ski-boots-best-cheap-boys-ski-bootsThe absolute ultimate in comfortable ski boots, the Rossignol Comp J4 fits so similarly to a favorite pair of slippers that you may not want to take them off. In performance, the J4’s polyurethane shell offers warmth, flexibility and reliability, and its stylish design is guaranteed to capture attention, making the lucky skier the talk of the slopes.

3. Salomon Team T2 Kids Ski Boots

salomon-team-t2-kids-ski-boots-best-cheap-boys-ski-bootsIdeally suited for the youngest beginning skier, the Salomon Team T2 provides comfort, flexibility and welcoming warmth as they embark on their first experience on often unforgiving snow. The junior oversized pivot feature helps young skiers achieve optimum performance, and the T2’s thin shell construction makes this ski boot remarkably lightweight. In summary, the T2 is one of the best bargains when shopping for affordable ski boots for boys.

4. Dalbello Sports CX-1 Ski Boot

dalbello-sports-cx-1-ski-boot-best-cheap-boys-ski-bootsStylishly eye-catching in two-tone black and white, the Dalbello Sports CX-1 features a shell material of PU/DB Hyperlite, making it exceptionally lightweight and flexible.

The CX-1’s cutting-edge ergonomic design and comfort padded lining ensures a great fit, allowing reduced pressure, while the easy “on-off” capability makes it among the most popular choices in affordable boys’ ski boots.

5. Salomon T2 RT Ski Boots

salomon-t2-rt-ski-boots-boys-best-cheap-boys-ski-bootsRugged construction, comfortability, flexibility, and warmth are just a few of the Salomon T2 RT’s appealing features. Lightweight and stylish in Indigo Blue Translucent/Black, the T2 also provides easy turning via its unique (and helpful) oversized pivot. The two buckle design feature not only looks cool, it also makes the “on-off” technique a snap. Affordability, dependability, and versatility make the RT nearly perfect cheap ski boots for boys.

6. Dalbello Menace 4 Ski Boots

dalbello-menace-4-ski-boots-kids-best-cheap-boys-ski-bootsSo comfortable and lightweight you’re likely to find yourself checking to make sure you’re actually wearing ski boots. The Dalbello Menace 4 draws raves for its unmatched “natural” feel and is equipped with the classic four buckle design (with handy Velcro straps.) Boasting a 40 Flex Rating, the Menace 4 provides unmatched control and stability, helping to make it an undeniable favorite among younger skiing enthusiasts.

7. Atomic Waymaker Jr Plus 2 Ski Boots 20.5

atomic-waymaker-jr-plus-2-ski-boots-20-5-best-cheap-boys-ski-bootsThese low-cost boys’ ski boots are perfect for beginning to intermediate skiers, providing remarkable comfort, flexibility, and warmth. The Waymaker Jr. also features the plush Atomic bronze liner, providing additional comfort, and the stylish, two-tone red and black color is sure to be attention-getting. A scratch-resistant shell ensures the Waymaker Jr. will continue to look “top shelf” for years to come.

8. Dalbello Menace 3 Jr Ski Boots


“Comfort” and “Flexibility” have long been identifiable features of Dalbello’s ski boots, and their Menace 3 Jr. certainly follows the template. The Menace 3’s 30 Flex rating gives skiers more than ample “give” in navigating turns, regardless of age or skill/experience level, and an absolutely necessary skill needed when skiing, especially for first-time, novice or minimally skilled skiers.

9. Salomon T3 RT Ski Boots

salomon-t3-rt-ski-boots-best-cheap-boys-ski-bootsPopular among talented young skiers ready to “up their game,” the Salomon T3 RT is a lightweight, thin shell-constructed ski boot that offers a 30 Flex rating, thermic fit lining, oversized pivot (for greater ease in turning) and comes in the always popular and stylishly attractive Indigo Blue and Translucent/Black color scheme. The T3 RT is the perfect ski boot for aspiring future Olympic skiers to help them develop their improving skills.

10. Elan Ezyy 1 Kids Ski Boots

elan-ezyy-1-kids-ski-boots-best-cheap-boys-ski-bootsPerfect for the brand new skier, the Elan Ezyy Kids ski boot combines the style, comfort, flexibility, warmth, and performance that every “newbie” needs during their initial forays onto the slopes. Cabrio constructed with a polypropylene shell, the Ezyy is designed for quick and simple “on-off” capability, and increased flexibility allows even the physically smallest skier to almost effortlessly control and maintain their balance as they begin their snow skiing “trial and error” journey.

These are just a small sampling of the easily affordable ski boots available for younger skiers. Take your time, invest in some targeted research, ask for and listen to input from your young skier, come to an agreement, and decide which of the cheap boys’ ski boots best suits your budget (and your young skiers’ feet.)

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