10 Best Cheap Men’s Ski Bibs and Overalls Under $150 2018


The best cheap men’s ski bibs and overalls balance function with mobility. Affordable doesn’t mean you skimp on quality if you know what to look for. Here are a few tips for purchasing your next pair of overalls or coveralls.

Material matters and the insulation you’ll need depends on season and weather conditions. Higher fill allows you to withstand harsher temperatures, and polyester fill provides you with the same warmth as traditional down without the bulk. Denier polyester (and similar materials) used for the shell provides you with wind protection and water-repellent qualities while adding durability.

1. Refrigiwear Men’s Lightweight Insulated Econo-Tuff High Bib Overalls

refrigiwear-mens-lightweight-insulated-econo-tuff-high-bib-overalls-best-cheap-mens-ski-bibs-and-overalls-under-150Econo-Tuff brings a lightweight overall with 6-ounces of polyester fiberfill insulation and a 200 Denier polyester shell. These inexpensive overalls feature knee high zippers, adjustable suspenders, and an insulated front pocket. High back and front keep the core warm and dry. It’s rated for -15 degrees. They’re sized true to size fit—so if you want to wear clothes under them, you will need to order a size up.

2. Refrigiwear Men’s Iron-Tuff Insulated High Bib Overalls

refrigiwear-mens-iron-tuff-insulated-high-bib-overalls-best-cheap-mens-ski-bibs-and-overalls-under-150These affordable ski-bibs from Refrigiwear will give you greater mobility while still keeping your body warm and dry. Offers a negative 50-degree rating thanks to its 11.25-ounce RefrgiFill insulation. A water-resistant denier nylon shell and bound seams give you durability in any weather condition. The elastic suspenders are adjustable for a flexible and snug fit that holds the warmth in and knocks out the cold. Zippered knees make them easy to put on or take off. It comes in short, tall, and average lengths.

3. Refrigiwear Men’s ChillBreaker Insulated High Bib Overalls

refrigiwear-mens-chillbreaker-insulated-high-bib-overalls-best-cheap-mens-ski-bibs-and-overalls-under-150The ChillBreaker is great if you want more coverage than a traditional men’s bib, but you don’t want the bulk of a coverall. The 3-ply shell features lightweight taslon nylon for more mobility and less weight. Rated for 10-degrees; this model has 7.5 ounces of polyester fiberfill insulation. The ChillBreaker is an inexpensive alternative for warmer weather skiing or on warmer winter days. Hip-length zippers allow for more freedom and the elastic suspenders ensure a custom, stay-put fit.

4. Refrigiwear Men’s Water-Resistant Insulated ChillBreaker Plus Bib Overalls

refrigiwear-mens-water-resistant-insulated-chillbreaker-plus-bib-overalls-best-cheap-mens-ski-bibs-and-overalls-under-150The ChillBreaker Plus offers protection to 0 degrees and has 180g of polyester diamond-box quilt fiberfill insulation. Water-repellant, wind-tight, but breathable construction keeps you warm. The upgraded 420D ripstop shell brings durability front and center along with knee and heel reinforcement patches. In addition to the traditionally high waist zippers, you’ll find 1×1 gussets too for a perfect fit on these affordable men’s ski bibs.

5. Refrigiwear Men’s HiVis Insulated Softshell Bib Overalls

refrigiwear-mens-hivis-insulated-softshell-bib-overalls-best-cheap-mens-ski-bibs-and-overalls-under-150Where visibility is your concern, the HiVis uses bright colors and heat bonded silver reflective tape—ANSI E Class compliant—so you can stay safe in restricted sight environments. Rated to -20-degrees, the HiVis protects you, keeps you warm, and keeps you comfortable. Soft-shell construction means more flexibility and less bulk while remaining water resistant. Silver twill lining reflects body heat back to you, but the breathable material allows sweat to evaporate. Reinforced knee and heel patches stand up to daily wear. Adjustable suspenders ensure a proper fit on this low-cost overall.

6. Refrigiwear Men’s Waterproof Insulated ErgoForce Overalls

refrigiwear-mens-waterproof-insulated-ergoforce-overalls-best-cheap-mens-ski-bibs-and-overalls-under-150The ErgoForce withstands the toughest wear with its 600 Denier polyester shell, reinforced knees, and abrasion resistant leg cuffs. Reflective piping means you’ll remain visible in lower lighting. The outer shell is also 100% waterproof, and the ErgoForc’s 240g insulation keeps you warm in -10-degree weather. These inexpensive men’s bibs have removable and adjustable Y-back style suspenders for a custom fit. Available in some tall sizes.

7. Tall Men’s Waterproof Insulated Ski and Snow Bib LT and XLT

tall-mens-waterproof-insulated-ski-and-snow-bib-lt-and-xlt-best-cheap-mens-ski-bibs-and-overalls-under-150This cheap men’s bib-overall is waterproof. Adjustable cuffs easily fit over boots. The elastic waist allows for non-restrictive movements. Button front closure gives easy access if wearing clothes underneath. Suspenders give a custom fit and the open front is stylish. The tall sizes fit true too.

8. Rothco Insulated Ski & Rescue Suit

rothco-insulated-ski-rescue-suit-best-cheap-mens-ski-bibs-and-overalls-under-150These low-cost coveralls from Rothco use Holofil 808 insulation to keep you warm in the coldest conditions. A detachable hood gives you flexibility too. Rothco is the leading sup0plier to the military, tactical, outdoor and survival gear. Cuffed wrists and attached belt ensure a custom fit. Oxford nylon shell gives you a waterproof, moveable fabric. Available in sizes small to 4XL.

9. Navy Blue IDF Snowsuit Winter Clothing Snow Ski Suit Coverall Insulated Suit

navy-blue-idf-snowsuit-winter-clothing-snow-ski-suit-coverall-insulated-suit-best-cheap-mens-ski-bibs-and-overalls-under-150Made to IDF standards for the Israeli Army with a two-sided zipper, these affordable men’s ski coveralls blend style and utility. Water-resistant and suitable for extreme cold conditions and heavy wind. Hooded design features synthetic fur. Fit is true to size. If you plan to wear clothing underneath, you might prefer to order up a size.

10. Refrigiwear Men’s ChillBreaker Insulated Coveralls

refrigiwear-mens-chillbreaker-insulated-coveralls-best-cheap-mens-ski-bibs-and-overalls-under-150The Chillbreaker men’s coveralls keep you snug and warm down to 10-degrees thanks to 7.5 ounces of polyester fiberfill. Less bulk will lead to easier movement, making them a versatile choice for outdoor sports, work, or leisure. Water repellent and wind tight are expected features from Refrigiwear as well as the hip-length zippers for easy on and off. For a custom fit, this model also has an internal drawstring.

No matter your needs, you can find a style that fits your lifestyle and weather requirements. One final note—do pay attention to sizes and whether the sizing allows for wearing clothing underneath or if it’s true to size. With some brands, you might need to order up a size. It’s a tradeoff with snow gear, but at least you won’t sacrifice quality or comfort when buying cheap men’s ski bibs and overalls.

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