10 Best Cheap Atomic Skis

When heading to the slopes, cheap Atomic skis provide quality and performance at an affordable price. When purchasing skis, there are many things to consider. Size, level of skill, skiing style, and snow conditions all come into play. Some skis are designed specifically for men, women or children. Some skis are designed for more aggressive skiers. Some features provide an advantage on icy or hardpack slopes and some are better suited to powder.

Atomic has a full line of skis that can fit any of these needs and do so at a lower cost. These 10 Atomic skis allow for all-day performance without breaking the bank.

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1. 2016 Atomic Vantage 85 Skis

2016-atomic-vantage-85-skis-cheap-atomic-skisThese low-cost Atomic skis provide performance in all snow conditions at an affordable price. These skis are designed for skiers of intermediate to advanced intermediate ability. The Atomic Vantage 85 skis feature a lightweight wooden core. All mountain rocker design and firewall construction provide superior handling and performance in a wide variety of conditions.

2. Atomic Backland BC Mini Kids Skis

atomic-backland-bc-mini-kids-skis-cheap-atomic-skisThese affordable Atomic skis for kids provide the performance needed for the intermediate to the advanced junior skier. The Backland BC Mini is designed with a rockered tip and camber on the remainder of the ski for excellent flotation and control on powder. The Densolite composite core keeps the ski lightweight and forgiving enough for the aggressive junior skier.

3. Atomic Redster FIS Doubledeck GS J Junior Race Skis

atomic-redster-fis-doubledeck-gs-j-junior-race-skis-cheap-atomic-skisThese affordable Atomic skis are FIS approved. The Atomic Redster is designed for the aggressive junior ski racer looking for a powerful and stable ride through the Giant Slalom course. A Titanium powered wood core combined with Atomic’s 2.0 Doubledeck construction gives a damp feel for improved vibration reduction, stability and edge control at high speeds.

4. Atomic Punx 5 Skis

atomic-punx-5-skis-cheap-atomic-skisThe Atomic Punx 5 are cheap skis designed for big performance on terrain parks. Cap sidewalls and increased rocker provide laid-back style for creative skiing. Full Cap construction and Atomic chip resistant topsheets provide superior durability. Lightweight wood core increases stability and stable flex for landing with confidence.

5. Atomic 2018 Vantage X77 C Skis with XT 10 Bindings

atomic-2018-vantage-x77-c-skis-with-xt-10-bindings-cheap-atomic-skisThese affordable skis from Atomic come complete with XT10 bindings for a low-cost ski package. Designed for the less aggressive, intermediate skier the Vantage X77 C skis perform best on groomed slopes. The Atomic Carbon Tank Mesh construction is lightweight but provides good edge control, stiffness, and performance. These skis deliver smooth and responsive performance.

6. Atomic Vantage 95 C Skis Men

atomic-vantage-95-c-skis-men-cheap-atomic-skisThese Atomic Skis for men provide solid performance at an affordable price. The Vantage 95 C skis are constructed with a lightweight wooden core around a titanium backbone for all mountain floatation. Carbon tank mesh construction maintains lightweight strength and Vantage firewall sidewalls allow for excellent power transfer and edge control even in hard pack conditions.

7. Atomic Vantage X75 C Ski System with Bindings Men’s

atomic-vantage-x75-c-ski-system-with-bindings-mens-cheap-atomic-skisThese low-cost skis from Atomic allow for all-mountain handling. Nose and tail rocker of 15% provides excellent float while underfoot camber allows for easy turn initiation. These skis combine the camber needed for easy turns on powder with the firewall Vantage edge needed for control on hardpack. The Vantage X75 C system includes bindings for a complete ski package.

8.Atomic Vantage 90 CTI Skis

atomic-vantage-90-cti-skis-cheap-atomic-skisThese affordable skis from Atomic provide the power and control for skiing the whole mountain in control and comfort. The Vantage 90 CTI skis have an ash and poplar core and a Titanium 2.0 laminate backbone providing lightweight strength for all conditions. All mountain rocker and Firewall sidewalls put more edge on the snow for stronger turning. These skis perform on all kinds of snow from freshly groomed runs to powder.

9. Atomic Vantage 90 CTI W Skis

atomic-vantage-90-cti-w-skis-cheap-atomic-skisThese Atomic skis for women perform in all conditions. The Vantage 90 CTI skis have a fifteen percent nose rocker, 75% camber, and 10% tail rocker for excellent flotation through powder, bumps and crud. Firewall Vantage edges provide excellent edge grip in hard snow and icy conditions. These skis are available in three lengths for the perfect fit.

10. Atomic Vantage 100 CTI Skis

atomic-vantage-100-cti-skis-cheap-atomic-skisThese low-cost skis from Atomic come in a wider 100 mm underfoot width for easy transition from hard pack to powder. The Vantage 100 CTI skis have an all mountain rocker for effortless floatation in all conditions. All wood core, Titanium backbone and carbon mesh construction produce a lightweight ski that allows control on the steeps.

Skiing on the proper skis makes all the difference between a great day on the slopes and a miserable one. Offering performance in a variety of conditions, Atomic skis have the skis you are looking for. These 10 cheap Atomic skis offer superior performance at an affordable price.

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