10 Best Cheap Rossignol Skis

By SGS Staff
May 2019

This article reviews the top 10 cheapest Rossignol ski available online.

From hidden, quiet countrysides to all of the fanfare of Winter Olympics world championship slopes, the sport and hobby of skiing has enchanted millions over the years. As this beloved pastime has matured and evolved, the lore and tradition in and about it has also come full-circle. One important component of that longstanding tradition, started in 1907, is Rossignol.

Born of humble beginnings, this ski equipment company has become known as a standard-setter and industry leader in quality and the development of the sport’s best gear. This iconic brand has affected and helped propel countless skiers along the way. So, as a buyer among so many great choices, what Rossignol ski products would we choose? Here is our list of the 10 most exceptional yet affordable Rossignol skis available right now.

1. Rossignol Experience 76 Ci Skis

Rossignol Experience 76 Ci - Cheap Rossignol Skis

Rossignol’s Experience 76 Ci series ski set is an all-terrain beast with a super-cool, sporty, blue and yellow design that screams “action.” The combination of Rossiter Cap structure, formidable, all-terrain rockers, and the intuitive Air Tip Vas system, really give a great feel on the slope. This set is assessed at a radius of 15m at 170cm and a 123-76-109 sidecut. The unique carbon-poplar cores also work very well combined with the rest of the design.

2. Rossignol 2019 Experience Pro Skis

Rossignol 2019 Experience Pro - Cheap Rossignol Skis

The 2019 Experience Pro set is highly recommended for its performance-to-affordability ratio. This highly affordable ski set provides quality and longevity for the all-terrain, all-mountain crowd. We also really like how accommodating this set is for beginners while being totally workable to the direction of the expert skier. Quality-made in all areas, specs here include an all-terrain rocker, overall ski measurements of 107/76/99, and a healthy 10m at 128cm turn radius.

3. Rossignol Evo XC 59 IFP XC Skis

Rossignol Evo XC 59 IFP XC Skis - Cheap Rossignol Skis

The Evo XC 59 IFP XC ski set by Rossignol is a pro-skier’s dream that you can have without spending the whole bank. With a very progressive, wood-air core and a double-cut base, these affordable performers give a great feel while in action. They are sidewall constructed with IFP plating and shape specs of 59/50/53. Well-made Tour Step-In Bindings and a weight rating of 750g/176 round things out quite nicely for the overall package.

4. Rossignol Sprayer Pro Kid’s Skis

Rossignol Sprayer Pro Skis Kid - Cheap Rossignol Skis

With a super-sporty, all-terrain look and extremely capable handling to match, these affordable kid’s Rossignol skis are another top choice. The solid performance and structure of these boards stem from a few factors: perfectly tapered tips, a quality wood core, a solid, all-terrain rocker system, and top-of-the-line CAP construction. A 14m radius, 127-72-108 sidecut dimensions, and 3.1kg/pair weight finish it all off.

5. Rossignol Pursuit 200 Skis

Rossignol Pursuit 200 Carbon Skis - Cheap Rossignol Skis

We really enjoyed this set of Rossignol carbon skis, as they are a top pick in responsiveness and feel for us. A solid wood core makes this level of performance possible along with carbon additions. These are skis for beginners and intermediate-level skiers, but with a relatively short turn radius and such responsiveness, really are fun for any skier. The company’s excellent XPress 10 Bindings also come standard here.

6. Rossignol S2 Women’s Skis

Rossignol S2 Skis Women's - Cheap Rossignol Skis

At first glance, these slender, interconnecting floral-themed women’s skis are a real beauty. Running them through the snow for the day proves to be an equally lovely experience. The S2 ski actually uses a special, patented weight-reduction design that better disperses the riders weight strategically across the breadth of the ski. This coupled with a 100 percent power-turn camber, precise jib tips, and a quality solid wood core makes the slopes completely ready for the taking.

7. Rossignol 2017 Hero FIS GS Factory Ski

Rossignol 2017 Hero FIS GS Factory Ski - Cheap Rossignol Skis

Classic, competitive design meets affordability with the 2017 Hero FIS GS Factory series. Axial2 180 MFX Bindings themselves are a great treat, but the added slimline racing design to U10 racing standard, and extended turn radius assure a speedy descent and really fun time. In particular, we really like the perfect niche-filler these are for the transitioning, intermediate racing skier and even junior racing skier.

8. Rossignol Zymax Skating IFP XC Men’s Skis

Rossignol Zymax Skating IFP XC Skis Men's- Cheap Rossignol Skis

For those looking for racing skis at an affordable price, Rossignol’s Zymax Skating IFP XC Men’s Skis are ideal. These workhorses boast quality IFP plating, Active Cap Construction, and a premium wood LDC core. Additional features here include 40/44/43/43 shape specs, a K7000 base, and a weight rating of 630 g @ 180cm for the half pair. These are also compatible with the newest Turmanic binding systems for an epic experience of snowy feel combined with ski flexibility.

9. Rossignol Experience 74 Skis

Rossignol Experience 74 Skis - Cheap Rossignol Skis

A catchy, neon purple and green shell draws you in, while real performance components and design will ultimately seal the deal. Related to another top pick of ours, the Experience 76 Ci series, the Experience 74 model is itself a real winner. Structurally, the Experience 74 shows off a Rossitop Cap featuring excellent, all-terrain rockers and Air Tip Vas Tech. Ultimate comfort in any condition was our major takeaway with 121-74-107 sidecut specs, a radius of 12m at 160cm, a weight rating of 4.4 kg/pair at 160cm, and pure poplar coring in addition.

10. Rossignol Temptation 84 HD Skis

Rossignol Temptation - Cheap Rossignol Skis

You can really make some steam on the slopes with these heart-breakers. This great women’s ski set by Rossignol features quality at every turn but won’t break the bank. Groomed slopes are the target of choice for these, and they perform exquisitely there with a unique Paulownia wood core, carbon alloy matrixing, tips and tail rockers meant for quick adjustments when necessary, and an overall super-lightweight, gliding feel.

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