10 Best Cheap Adult Strap-in Snowboard Bindings 2018

You have a lot of options when it comes to cheap strap-in snowboard bindings that are of good quality. While searching for a pair of affordable snowboard bindings, you should consider flex rating, padding, and board compatibility. Flex rating determines what types of snowboarding the bindings are designed for. Padding helps absorb impact and increases your comfort while wearing them.

1. Burton Freestyle Snowboard Bindings

burton-freestyle-snowboard-bindings-cheap-strap-in-snowboard-bindingsWith a flex rating of 2-5, the Burton Freestyle Snowboard Bindings are affordable strap-in snowboard bindings for freestyle and all-purpose riders. They feature a single component canted highback, Re:Flex technology, and FullBed cushioning. The snowboard bindings work with all major mounting systems. With a stretched hinging zone, you can flex the heels. The bindings also provide fast response to your signals.

2. Burton Citizen Snowboard Bindings for Women

burton-citizen-snowboard-bindings-for-women-cheap-strap-in-snowboard-bindingsOne of the best low-cost strap-in snowboard bindings for women that come in cute colors like purple, pink, and teal are the Burton Citizen Snowboard Bindings for Women. They’re also available in black for those who don’t want a bright color. They have a response of 2-5, so you can use them for freestyle or all-purpose. The bindings have FullBed cushioning and a lightweight design, making them comfortable to use. Most snowboards are compatible with the bindings as well.

3. 5th Element Stealth 3 Snowboard Bindings

5th-element-stealth-3-snowboard-bindings-cheap-strap-in-snowboard-bindingsThe 5th Element Stealth 3 Snowboard Bindings have very soft flex and a padded base plate. They are suitable for beginners as well as freestyle snowboarders. Even advanced freestylers can use these bindings. The padded base plate absorbs vibrations, so you can enjoy a smoother ride. And they have a convertible toe strap that gives you greater control regardless of what boots you’re wearing. These cheap adult strap-in snowboard bindings provide good value for your money.

4. Rome Snowboards United Snowboard Bindings

rome-snowboards-united-snowboard-bindings-cheap-strap-in-snowboard-bindingsThe Rome Snowboards United Snowboard Bindings feature a unibody baseplate padded with EVA, a United Asym highback, conformist toe straps, and contour ankle straps. You can match the fit to your stance thanks to the full highback rotation. The snowboard bindings are lightweight, durable, and reliable. With a versatile flex, a variety of snowboarders like them. The bindings contain a lot of padding that minimizes the impact of snowboard drops and tricks.

5. Avalanche Serenity Snowboard Bindings for Women

avalanche-serenity-snowboard-bindings-for-women-cheap-strap-in-snowboard-bindingsThese are one of the cheapest snowboard bindings for women. They feature adjustable ankle and toe straps, letting you find the right fit to stay in control of your board. The anatomical baseplate has 2×2 screw inserts, and the highback has ultra-light EVA padding.

6. K2 Men’s Sonic Snowboard Bindings

k2-mens-sonic-snowboard-bindings-cheap-strap-in-snowboard-bindingsThe K2 Men’s Sonic Snowboard Bindings feature a two-strap system, regular airframe highback, and a Pro-Fusion PC chassis. They are suitable for all mountain freestyle snowboarding. The snowboard bindings are comfortable and easy to put on. Built with a universal plate, they will fit almost any snowboard.

7. M3 Luna Snowboard Bindings for Women

m3-luna-snowboard-bindings-for-women-cheap-strap-in-snowboard-bindingsWhite and pink, the M3 Luna Snowboard Bindings for Women have a girly design. They are high quality affordable strap-in bindings. Some of the features include a fixed heel cup, a non-covered toe strap, 4-speed adjustment, tool-less forward lean adjustment, and an a-symmetrical highback.

The ankle strap is made of perforated leather and has a contoured design, making it comfortable to wear. These strap-in bindings for snowboards also do a good job of absorbing impacts from tricks and landings. The toe strap’s low profile design minimizes pressure points to further increase the comfort of these bindings.

8. M3 Helix Jr Snowboard Bindings

m3-helix-jr-snowboard-bindings-cheap-strap-in-snowboard-bindingsThe M3 Helix Jr Snowboard Bindings are one of the best and cheapest options for kids. They are adjustable, so they will last longer as your son grows. Other features of these snowboard bindings are the tool-less forward lean adjustment, 4-speed adjustment, a fixed heel cup, and a fixed toe ramp.

Because they are easy to use, the snowboard bindings are good for beginners. Your child can remove them via the quick-release button even while wearing mittens. The bindings are also suitable for intermediate and advanced snowboarders. They are designed for all-mountain riders.

9. Ride Mens KX Snowboard Bindings

ride-mens-kx-snowboard-bindings-cheap-strap-in-snowboard-bindingsThe Ride Men’s KX Snowboard Bindings come in fun colors for those who want bindings that stand out. Your color options include blue, red, glow in the dark, and freedom. The freedom color is red, white, and blue. Some of the features of these snowboard bindings include a stance correct heel cup, a lightweight chassis, a Slimeback DE, an AstroGlyde ratchet, and a convertible toe strap. They are comfortable, durable, and affordable while giving you good control on the slopes.

10. Rome Snowboards G1 Arsenal Snowboard Bindings

rome-snowboards-g1-arsenal-snowboard-bindings-cheap-strap-in-snowboard-bindingsWith a flex rating of 7, the Rome Snowboards G1 Arsenal Snowboard Bindings are designed for freeride snowboarding. The stiff flex helps you go faster. Additional features of these snowboard bindings are an under wrap heel loop, a contour ankle strap, a conformist toe strap, and tool-free forward lean adjustment. The bindings are padded as well to provide more comfort.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality when buying cheap snowboard bindings. All 10 of the cheap strap-in snowboard bindings listed above are of great quality.

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