Top 10 Best Cheap Youth Ski Mittens

By SGS Staff
December 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best cheap youth ski mittens available online.

When spending a long time outdoors engaged in activities such as sledding, snowboarding or skiing, keeping a child’s hands warm and protected is critical to their health. Affordable ski mittens for youth make it easy to protect little fingers when kids are playing outside or participating in sports activities. These mittens typically feature qualities such as ease of putting on and taking off, fun colors that appeal to a child’s sense of style and durability for intense bursts of activity. Inexpensive ski mittens for youth also usually feature fabrics that are gentle on a child’s sensitive skin. These are 10 of the best cheap youth ski mittens.

1. Burton Kids’ Breathable Vent Mitten

Burton Breathable Vent Youth Ski Mittens

This kids’ mitten set by Burton features two layers of interior fabric, one of which is a dry inner membrane that wicks away moisture if a child’s hands get sweaty. The other is an insulating layer for warmth. The outside of the mittens provides touchscreen compatible technology so that a child can use a tablet or phone without taking off the gloves. The exterior also offers a zipper pouch for coins, keys or a hand warming packet.

2. MCTi Kids Mittens

MCTi Youth Ski Mittens

Keep a child’s hands warm and cushioned with the sherpa lining inside of these waterproof mittens. The interior also features moisture wicking. On the outside, two elastic cuffs stop snow or cold air from getting inside of the mittens. The exterior also provides a clip to keep the mittens together when they are not worn. Two layers of water-repellent nylon fabric allow kids to play in the snow all day without getting their hands wet. An easy-grip palm provides traction for holding onto ski poles or other slick surfaces.

3. N’Ice Caps Easy-On Wrap Winter Mittens

N'Ice Caps Easy-On Wrap Youth Ski Mittens

These ski mittens are easy to put on or take off of a wiggly toddler, baby or child thanks to their extra-wide flap opening that cinches shut once they are on the child’s hands. The inside of the mittens has 3M Thinsulate for warmth and softness. The exterior is fully waterproof, so the child’s hands will not get wet even if they play in the snow for hours. The palm of the gloves includes a textured gripping material for ease of hanging on to ski poles or rails. A stretch cuff ensures that no cold air gets up the sleeves of the child’s coat.

4. Burton Kids’ Insulated Profile Mittens

Burton Insulated Profile Youth Ski Mittens

Two layers of DryRide, 5,000-gram insulating fabric keeps a child’s hands warm in these Burton kids mittens. The lining is made of Thermacore and microfiber for warmth without bulk. On the outside of the mittens, the Screen Grab tough palm allows a child to use a tablet or smartphone. The textured grip of the palm also makes it easy for a child to grasp rails or ski poles. The outside consists of polyurethane, which is water- and wind-proof. A tab provides space to write the child’s name.

5. SimpliKids Children’s Snow Sports Winter Mittens

SimpliKids Youth Ski Mittens

On the inside of these SimpliKids snow mittens, a layer of warm 3M Thinsulate insulation protects a child’s fingers from cold air. The interior is soft and gentle on a child’s sensitive hands. Large and easy stretch openings allow a child to put the mittens on all by themselves. A reinforced palm and thumb patch enhance a child’s ability to grasp items. The outside of the mittens is waterproof and has a clip so one mitten does not go missing.

6. Columbia Youth Whirlibird Mitten

Columbia Whirlibird Youth Ski Mittens

These Columbia Whirlibird mittens for kids offer Omni-heat thermal reflective fabric to keep a child’s hands warm for hours. They also include an Omni-Tech waterproof and breathable exterior for protection against moisture intrusion. An abrasion-resistant palm offers protection against injuries and provides a good surface for grasping slippery objects. A buckle and woven nylon cinch strap keep the gloves secured when they are being worn and while they are not in use.

7. Terra Hiker Kids Ski Mittens

Terra Hiker Youth Ski Mittens

These durable Terra Hiker kids’ ski mittens are waterproof and wind-resistant. They provide protection against cold air with their interior lining, which is made from soft polyester. The outside consists of rip-stop fabric that resists fraying and tearing. A polyurethane palm offers additional protection against moisture and ease of grasping slick surfaces. Velcro closures and elastic straps around the wrists ensure a snug fit, and the extra-long cuff prevents snow from sneaking up the child’s coat sleeves.

8. SnowStoppers Kids Waterproof Stay-On Winter Mittens

SnowStoppers Waterproof Stay-On Youth Ski Mittens

These kids’ mittens by SnowStoppers are made from a waterproof DryPel outer layer, which keeps out moisture and cold. The inside consists of 40-gram Thinsulate for warmth and softness. An extra-long cuff reaches several inches inside of the child’s coat sleeves, offering additional protection against snow and cold air intrusion. The tough-grip palms offer strong grasping capacity and resistance against tearing. An elastic and Velcro closure keep the mittens snug around the wrists.

9. YR.Lover Children Ski Gloves

YR.Lover Youth Ski Gloves

These cute animal-themed children’s ski mittens motivate a child to keep the mittens on while they are participating in outdoor activities. The inside features velour lining and polyester padding. The soft velour cushions a child’s hands, and the water-repellent polyester wicks moisture away from the skin. On the outside, durable nylon fabric offers waterproof and windproof properties.

10. Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Junior Mountaineering Mittens

Hestra Army Leather Heli Youth Ski Mittens

These durable mittens for children are windproof, waterproof and breathable. The Hestra Triton fabric on the back and goat leather on the palm and fingers offer strength and ease of grasping slippery surfaces includes a removable soft lining of polyester.

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