Top 10 Best Cheap Adult Ski Poles

By SGS Staff

January 2020

This article reviews the top 10 best cheap adult ski poles available online.

Ski poles serve a number of important purposes on the slopes and can include numerous design points worth noting to that end. What exactly makes for the best set of ski poles? Considerations such as shaft composition, basket qualities, strap qualities, and even pole weight and rigidity should all be looked at closely in order to get this purchase right the first go round. We’ve made things just a little bit easier, though, with a review and rundown of the overall best options in this product field right now. So, without further adieu, read along for our current list of the top, 10, best adult ski poles available for purchase right now. 

1. Salomon Arctic 110

Salomon Arctic 110 Adult Ski Poles

Salomon’s Arctic 110 series of adult ski poles provides progressive, lightweight aluminum-based, action at a cost that’s more than reasonable. A great combination of rigidity and nano-flexibility here offers strength yet some, minimal flex for impact absorption. Buyers can also pick from four color choices which correspond to Salomon’s actual ski colors themselves.

2. Salomon Arctic Lady 100

Salomon Arctic Lady 100 Adult Ski Poles

Salomon deservedly hits our list once more with their Arctic Lady 100 series ski poles. This top-rated and highly affordable women’s ski pole option utilizes high-quality aluminum that’s weighted just right so as to not exhaust the arms unnecessarily on long days at the slope. A conforming, ergonomic grip and trustworthy strap system also make this one a great choice. Pick from one of three color options with this set, too.

3. Rossignol Tactic Ski Poles

Rossignol Tactic Adult Ski Poles

Rossignol maintains a notable presence in the ski accessory industry, and the maker’s Tactic Ski Poles only go on add to that presence in the market. These top ski poles feature a great R-Grip system, an all-steel tip, basket action just right for a multitude of powder consistencies, and an overall look that’s undeniably sleek and stylish. One year of warranty coverage also comes standard here.

4. Zipline Graphite Composite Ski Poles

Zipline Graphite Composite Adult Ski Poles

Zipline gives us a top ski pole option all day with its Graphite Composite Ski Poles. These use a unique graphite carbon composite material to offer top-rated strength and give. Quick-adjust zip straps and aggressive tips adorn these in addition to some great, no-slip handle grips that really do stay firmly put in the hand amid all sorts of action. Even better, this series of ski poles offers the buyer a virtually unrivaled color and style selection consisting of 13, bright formats.

5. WINGET XA-50 Carbon Fiber Mountain Alpine Ski Poles

WINGET XA-50 Carbon Fiber Mountain Alpine Adult Ski Poles

WINGET really does things right with the company’s model XA-50 Carbon Fiber Mountain Alpine Ski Poles. Here, one can look forward to all-mountain, carbon fiber performance that employs grip, basket, and tip quality that’s truly hard to beat for the price. Additional selling points worth noting in this great ski pole option include strong, woven nylon straps, a unique yet grippy handle system, and an overall look that is far from generic or lame.

6. Scott Team Issue Ski Poles

Scott Team Issue Adult Ski Poles

Scott’s Team Issue Ski Poles make a sure spot on our list of the top ski poles right now and for plenty of good reasons. With these particular slope-carvers, you can look forward to a great shaft body made of competent S4 aluminum, a comfortable and grip-generous handle design, and adjustable straps that actually do as they’re told and without lots of fuss along the way. Stylish pink, fluorescent green, and sleek black are the style choices, and a satisfaction guarantee by Scott makes things even sweeter at the end of the day.

7. Swix Techlite Performance Ski Poles

Swix Techlite Performance Adult Ski Poles

We really enjoyed checking out the Techlite Performance Ski Pole set by Swix. With these great performers you get no shortage of performance with a high-quality aluminum shaft system, great grips, quality straps that don’t frustrate, and a single-density basket that’s really nice on those well-groomed slopes. Along what’s known commonly as the “Recreational Class” of ski poles, these are quite possibly our favorites.

8. Fischer Unlimited Ski Poles

Fischer Unlimited Adult Ski Poles

The “Unlimited” series of ski poles by Fischer is a sure top-pick for a variety of reasons. Some of this pole’s game-winning attributes include but are not limited to a high-quality shaft system composed of 5083 aluminum, an F400 sport grip that conforms notably well to various rider hand sizes and shapes, and a quality strap system. High-quality baskets and tips went on to seal the deal for us. 

9. WSD Adult Downhill Ski Poles Alpine

WSD Adult Downhill Ski Poles Alpine

WSD’s Adult Downhill Ski Poles Alpine are a win-win in today’s market of affordable adult ski poles. Some of the great specs built into these workers include high-quality, standard groomer baskets, neoprene/nylon strapping that holds on through it all, and a 1.2-lb overall weight that feels and functions very nicely on a variety of slope conditions. WSD also offers recourse should their poles show signs of defect in any way. 

10. K2 Style Aluminum Ski Pole

K2 Style Aluminum Adult Ski Pole

Finally, heat up the slopes in style with the “Style” series of aluminum ski poles by K2. Here, buyers of this great pole get a performance-grade 16mm shaft system, sturdy nesting baskets, and a grip and strap design that doesn’t disappoint when the conditions get tough. A total weight of 1.1lbs and multiple style and color choices make these an even better deal for such an affordable price-point.

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