10 Best Cheap Adult Rear-Entry Snowboard Bindings 2018

Cheap rear entry snowboard bindings should come with features that deliver both performance and safety. In this age, the market abounds with snowboard bindings, available both online and in traditional brick and mortar stores. With many snowboard bindings to choose from, it is a must to know the essentials to consider when looking for that affordable rear entry snowboard bindings. The skier’s riding style, flex rating, and whether it will be used for all mountain or freestyle are among the factors to consider. Additionally, ski equipment makers, like GNU and Flow, also offer snowboard bindings designed for male and female riders. In this article, we will highlight ten of the best adult rear entry snowboard bindings available.

1. Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings

flow-fuse-snowboard-bindings-cheap-strap-rear-entry-snowboard-bindingsFlow is known for making the most innovative snowboard bindings in the market. With its Fuse snowboard bindings, the company infused all essential features without additional costs. The rear entry snowboard bindings were designed with glass-filled nylon modback hiback, a glass-filled nylon rockered baseplate, and an ATM.7 support panel. The snowboard bindings promise that every ride is a mixture of flex and response.

2. Flow Alpha MTN 2018 Snowboard Bindings

flow-alpha-mtn-2018-snowboard-bindings-cheap-rear-entry-snowboard-bindingsThese low-cost rear entry snowboard bindings from veteran manufacturer Flow promise the best experience for all riders. This promise is delivered by the snowboard bindings’ features, which include a molded composite rocker baseplate, exofit power straps, and LSR locking slap ratchets. It also features Flow’s Dual Entry System that makes for easy attachment to any kind of boots. The Alpha MTN 2018 is lightweight but does not sacrifice design for performance.

3. Flow Juno Women’s Snowboard Bindings

flow-juno-womens-snowboard-bindings-cheap-rear-entry-snowboard-bindingsFlow is a favorite in this list. The brand is widely known for producing cheap speed entry snowboard bindings. The Juno Fusion is a testament to that. It is complete with features that include 2 straps – the Fusion Powerstrap and the Hybrid Power-Cap Strap, a glass-filled nylon modback hiback, and a glass-filled nylon rockered baseplate. Additionally, it is lightweight for a perfect control in every ride.

4. System MTN Men’s Rear Entry Step in Snowboard Bindings

system-mtn-mens-rear-entry-step-in-snowboard-bindings-cheap-rear-entry-snowboard-bindingsThe MTN Men’s Rear Entry Step-in promises to revolutionize the way you ride. These snowboard bindings from System feature an ankle strap that can be opened to accommodate any kind of boots, full EVA padding on the hi-back and high-density dampening on the footbed for a plush to provide a comfortable ride, and a multi-disc plate that allows for easy mounting on all boards.

5. Ride Men’s LX Snowboard Bindings 2017

vRide’s LX snowboard bindings for men are made for riders looking for great all-mountain versatility but still offer comfort. These snowboard bindings are feature-packed with Ride’s own technology including the Spectrum Chassis System, the Wedgie Footbed, the Thin Grip toe strap, and the RAD ankle strap. These snowboard bindings promise to deliver optimum performance without breaking the bank.

6. System LUX Women’s 2018 Rear Entry Step In Style Snowboard Bindings

system-lux-womens-2018-rear-entry-step-in-style-snowboard-bindings-cheap-rear-entry-snowboard-bindingsFemale riders need not worry about the availability of snowboard bindings designed for them. The system is among the many ski accessories manufacturers that discovered the potential of the market and started offering cheap but performance-level snowboard bindings. The LUX Women’s 2018 Rear Entry is the company’s offering for those who want to be the game charger. It features a fully padded hi-back with EVA padding, a footbed with high-density dampening, and a multi-disc plate that makes it compatible with any board.

7. K2 Cinch TS Snowboard Bindings 2018 – Men’s

k2-cinch-ts-snowboard-bindings-2018-mens-cheap-rear-entry-snowboard-bindingsThe Cinch TS snowboard bindings were designed for men who need an equipment that is not only smooth and fast but also versatile. These all-mountain rear entry snowboard bindings from K2 features the company’s easy to use Cinch rear entry system and Tripod chassis system, a highback with forward lean adjustment, and Canted EVA footbeds and Perfect Fit toe. It is great for all-mountain riders who prefer snowboard bindings that allow easy getting in and out, on top of delivering speed, great response, and comfort.

8. GNU B-Free Snowboard Bindings Women’s

gnu-b-free-snowboard-bindings-womens-cheap-rear-entry-snowboard-bindingsThese cheap speed entry snowboard bindings from GNU offer the latest technology for all female all-mountain and park riders. It comes with the company’s new Asym highback that provides extra support and response, full cushion from heel to toe with EVA padding, and the Comprex ankle strap that offers greater energy absorbing control. GNU prides that these snowboard bindings are preferred by snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington.

9. GNU B-Forward Snowboard Bindings for Women

gnu-b-forward-snowboard-bindings-for-women-cheap-rear-entry-snowboard-bindingsGNU’s dedication to offering riders great yet affordable ski equipment is seen again with its B-Forward snowboard bindings. This equipment was designed with ergonomic support made possible by the company’s Asym Highback, a Hyper Cored Aluminum lightweight baseplate, and a Toe Strap Micro Buckle. While it is not designed for beginners, it is integrated with the latest multi-entry system. The B-Forward has a medium flex and is compatible only with 4×4 mounting panels.

10. Nidecker Nexus Bindings 2018 – Men’s

nidecker-nexus-bindings-2018-mens-cheap-rear-entry-snowboard-bindingsA product from the collaboration between Nidecker and Flow, the Flow Nexus is for riders looking for bindings that allow easier movement of the foot and leg. It features a glass-filled nylon Uni-back, 2.5 degrees Bankbed Footbeds, and the Locking Strap Ratchets. Nidecker claims that the Nexus is for riders who prefer riding on a molded baseplate, but won’t sacrifice power for comfort.

In choosing snowboard bindings, it is best to look for features that fit your needs. Each manufacturer offers something different from their competitors. There are snowboard bindings that come with fully padded footbed, some feature unique technologies like Ride’s Spectrum Chassis System and the Asym Highback from GNU, and others were designed to be easily mounted to any kind of board. Another consideration is that male and female riders have different riding needs. Good thing, manufacturers saw this opportunity and started offering snowboard bindings designed specifically for men and women. The best rear entry snowboard bindings depend on your ride needs. It is best to do research before beginning your hunt for cheap rear entry snowboard bindings.

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