10 Best Cheap Head Skis

By SGS Staff
August 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best cheap Head skis.

HEAD is synonymous with winning big races. In fact, renowned skiers like Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller have helped to increase awareness for HEAD, one of the top-rated U.S.-born ski manufacturers, by raising their skis on podiums across the globe. With a big name comes big costs, right? Not necessarily. Below are the top 10 best cheap HEAD skis that prove you don’t have to spend a large wad of cash to get a great performer, whether you’re coasting through the country or whizzing down a groomed run.

1. HEAD Kore 93 Skis

Kore 93 Best Cheap Head Skis

If you’re looking for light, responsive skis that carve well and glide beautifully, the HEAD Kore 93 skis fit the bill. The Kore 93 skis feature a KARUBA lightweight wood core, split sidewalls, a tip-tail rocker, and a sidecut of 133-93-115 at 180 centimeters. Suitable for a range of terrains, including slush, crud, ice, and groomers, the Kore 93 skis provide stability and agility when maneuvering. Designed for both easygoing and dynamic skiers, the Kore 93 is also an ideal companion for touring.

2. HEAD V-Shape V2 Skis With PR 10 GW Bindings

V-Shape V2 Best Cheap Head Skis

The construction of the HEAD V-Shape V2 is what makes this product so unique. From the very beginning, you will notice how easy it is to turn, thanks to the broader shovel, and its longer edge provides greater control and stability. The V-Shape V2 is comprised of a synthetic core, power fiber jacket construction, LYT Tech construction, and an Allride rocker as well as a sidecut of 128-70-108 at 170 centimeters. If you’re returning to skiing after a hiatus, check out the V-Shape V2.

3. HEAD World Cup Rebels i.GS RD Team Skis

WC Rebels Best Cheap Head Skis

The HEAD World Cup Rebels (WCR) i.GS RD Team skis continue to deliver proven, winning performances to a new generation of Giant Slalom racers. This model is equipped with a World Cup sandwich wooden core with Titanal, a highly responsive positive camber for enhanced acceleration and carving, and graphene for lighter, stronger, and perfectly balanced race characteristics.

4. HEAD Rev 105 Skis

Rev 105 Best Cheap Head Skis

The HEAD Rev 105 features ERA 3.0 technology that combines rebound, radius, and rocker for a ski that performs for every skill level on any terrain. This model boasts structured UHM C bases and sandwich cap construction — technologies developed from the World Cup line of skis and subsequently tweaked for all-mountain standards. Capable of railing turns on ice and fully composed on firm snow, this product, also known as “The Bulldozer,” will smash through anything that stands in its way.

5. HEAD Monster 83 X Skis

Monster 83 Best Cheap Head Skis

The HEAD Monster 83 X skis are similar in design and function to the Monster 83 Ti, but the former is not made of metal. Featuring a sidecut of 131-83-110 at 177 centimeters, an Allride rocker, and a hybrid construction consisting of both a wood-based material and World Cup sandwich cap construction, the Monster 83 X is ideal for all-mountain carving all season long.

6. HEAD Easy Joy SLR With Joy 9 GW SLR Bindings

Easy Joy Best Cheap Head Skis

Women who are looking to move away from the rental shop and purchase their own equipment may want to consider the HEAD Easy Joy SLR skis. Built specifically for women, the Easy Joy is equipped with a LIBRA Camber, a technology that lowers the camber slightly to allow for more productive turns, as well as ERA 3.0 construction and graphene core construction to keep things lightweight and easy to manipulate. Although it is best-suited for ripping groomers, the Easy Joy’s Allride rocker performs well on various types of snow conditions. It is, so to speak, easy to find joy on this HEAD ski.

7. HEAD World Cup Rebels i.SL RD Skis

World Cup Rebels iSL Best Cheap Head Skis

Tight, fast, and confident in turns, the HEAD World Cup Rebels i.SL RD skis are the ultimate weapon for pro-level speed racers. This model’s design includes a sidecut of 119-66-98 as well as a responsive positive camber for lightning acceleration and aggressive reactivity. Featuring a wooden core, World Cup sandwich construction with Titanal’s enhanced control, and graphene’s strength and balance, the WCR i.SL RD is equipped to help you achieve a smoother, faster, and more impressive performance.

8. HEAD Strong Instinct Ti Ski With PR 11 MBS Binding

Strong Instinct Best Cheap Head Skis

HEAD has finally manufactured a mid-fat ski designed for mid-level skiers! The HEAD Strong Instinct Ti ski is built from graphene and features Era 3.0 technology, an Allride rocker, a structured UHM C base, and a power sidewall Ti jacket. Also included with the Strong Instinct are HEAD’s PR 11 MBS bindings, creating the ideal package for intermediate skiers. Slow or fast, soft or hard, the Strong Instinct will help you to find your inner Arnold.

9. HEAD V-Shape V4 Skis With PR 10 GW Bindings

V-Shape V4 Best Cheap Head Skis

If your technique is developed but your confidence isn’t quite there yet when it comes to steeper terrains or higher speeds, the HEAD V-Shape V4 is the boost of confidence you need. Designed for the novice, the V-Shape V4 features an Allride rocker and a sidecut of 132-73-113. Its broader shove and structure help you initiate turns, and the narrow tail offers a smooth, impressive finish.

10. HEAD Galactic 84 Skis

Galactic 84 Best Cheap Head Skis

Designed for intermediate to advanced skiers, the HEAD Galactic 84 skis are best-suited for all-mountain terrains. Featuring a NanoTech surface, a sidecut of 135-85-117, and a turning radius of 15.6 meters at 177 centimeters, this model truly does it all. The Galactic 84 is equipped with ERA 3.0 technology, including Intellifibers, an Allride rocker and a hybrid shape that makes it your lightweight answer to getting to the top without sacrificing your performance on the way down. If you’re looking for a ski that likes cruising as much as it does ripping up the groomed runs, this is the ski for you.

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