10 Best Cheap Boys’ Snowboard boots 2018

Snowboarding is a great outdoor sport that, depending on where you live or are willing to travel, can be done year-round, but it doesn’t have to be avoided just because you can’t find a great pair of cheap boys’ snowboard boots. This article will go over some of the boots that made the top ten list. Not only are they affordable, but they are also durable and stylish. These types of boots will have you outside enjoying the fresh air and gaining height during jumps in no time, and with the amount of money you’ll save on your gear you might be able to stay on the hills even longer.

1. DC Youth Scout Boa Snowboard Boots

dc-youth-scout-boa-snowboard-boots-cheap-boys-snowboard-bootsThe lacing system on these boots is a BOA lacing with a coiler closure system. This makes them quick and easy to get ready and allows you to hit the trails faster. They are also liner-less, which makes them easier to put on and take off. This is a feature greatly appreciated when it comes to kids. Lastly, the tread pattern on these boots helps make them more steady and durable in the snow.

2. Burton Mini-Grom Snowboard Boots

dc-youth-scout-boa-snowboard-boots-cheap-boys-snowboard-boots-cheap-boys-snowboard-bootsThe first thing to notice on these boots is the great color scheme that’s sure to please any boy ready to get on a snowboard. They also feature a Dualzone Shred Ready style of velcro straps to help your child get ready themselves. These low-cost boys’ snowboard boots also have a Room-to-grow Footbed. This helps to expand the boot sizing fit by a full size as your child grows.

3. ThirtyTwo Kids Lashed Boa Snowboard Boot

thirtytwo-kids-lashed-boa-snowboard-boot-cheap-boys-snowboard-bootsThese affordable boy’s snowboard boots come in a total of five different color schemes, giving your child the freedom to choose a style that works for them. These boots are lightweight, weighing in at just about a pound total. This allows the wearer increased performance and comfort. They also have a liner, pockets for a heel hold kit, and a foam that provides additional warmth and comfort.

4. Rome Snowboards Mini Shred Snowboard Boots

rome-snowboards-mini-shred-snowboard-boots-cheap-boys-snowboard-bootsThese boots are black, so they’re sure to coordinate well with any additional snowboarding gear. They offer a BOA lacing system that allows your child the independence and freedom to get their boots on themselves. These boots offer a liner-less design which can make getting them on and off much easier. They also have a double-decker footbed feature. This means that the boots are able to adjust to your child’s feet as they grow, meaning you can keep the same equipment for much longer.

5. ThirtyTwo Boys BOA Snowboarding Boots

thirtytwo-boys-boa-snowboarding-boots-cheap-boys-snowboard-bootsThe BOA lacing system on these affordable boys’ snowboarding boots means that your child can take responsibility for putting them on by themselves. They are equipped with heat moldable Intuition liners that give your child an additional layer of warmth and support. They also include a Sherpa top sheet that helps keep your feet warm and Evolution foam. This provides more warmth and comfort while also reducing the overall weight of the boots.

6. Ride Spark BOA Kids Snowboard Boots

ride-spark-boa-kids-snowboard-boots-cheap-boys-snowboard-bootsThis pair of black low-cost boys’ snowboarding boots features a boa closure that is extremely kid-friendly. Children are able to be prideful in putting on and lacing their own boots, leaving the adult free to assist in other areas. They also have an adjustable sizing feature, which means you are able to use these boots for more seasons as your child’s feet continue to grow. Overall, these are a great basic snowboarding boot for kids.

7. K2 Youth Mini Turbo Snowboard Boots

k2-youth-mini-turbo-snowboard-boots-cheap-boys-snowboard-bootsThese stylish and affordable boys’ snowboard boots are sure to be a hit with their list of great features. They have a Boa lacing system that lets children be in charge of lacing their own boots up. They also have a Grow-a-long EVA footbed system. This means that you can keep the same pair of boots for longer because they are designed to adjust to your child’s growing feet. Lastly, these boots have an internal J-bar system to help make sure you get a great fit every time.

8. Burton Amb Snowboarding Boots

burton-amb-snowboarding-boots-cheap-boys-snowboard-bootsThese boots have a great camouflage design, making them a great option of snowboard boots for boys. They also have a heel strap that allows you to pull the boots on with ease. They also offer a liner system that provides your child with an extra layer of warmth and comfort. Overall, these boots are a great option if you are looking for a balance of durability and affordability.

9. Millenium 3 Militia Junior Kids Snowboard Boots

millenium-3-militia-junior-kids-snowboard-boots-cheap-boys-snowboard-bootsThese boots feature a traditional lacing system which may take a little longer to operate but can also provide a more secure fit for your child. They also include a nice-sized heel strap to help pull the boots onto the feet and a stylish design on the sides which is sure to please any boy looking to get started in snowboarding. Lastly, there is a removable liner included for additional warmth and comfort, along with enforced stitching to make these boots extra durable.

10. Burton Zipline BOA Snowboard Boots

burton-zipline-boa-snowboard-boots-cheap-boys-snowboard-bootsThese cheap boy’s snowboard boots feature a BOA lacing system that helps your child adjust the fit of the boots to their liking. This comes with a lifetime warranty. There is a removable liner that helps to keep your child’s feet warm and comfortable, and a soft flex outer sole. There is a purple heel strap to aid your child in getting the boots on easily.

As you can see there are a wide variety of boots you can consider when your child becomes interested in snowboarding. You can feel comfortable in purchasing a pair of cheap boys’ snowboard boots without sacrificing things like comfort, durability, or style.

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