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We’re dedicated to creating top 10 lists of high-quality skiing equipment at unbeatable values. It’s our aim to put helpful product descriptions at your fingertips and make buying for your next ski season or ski vacation easier. Our staff pores over the details to outline the best market picks at every skill level from novice to expert. Whether you love alpine, cross-country, freestyle, backcountry, or Nordic skiing, we want to get you outfitted before the snowflakes start to fly.

Developed in Telemark, Norway during the 1840s, skiing remains one of the most popular athletic activities mostly from November to April each year. The Snowsports Industries of America reported in 2017 that there are around 9.8 million U.S. skiers. According to Planet Ski, gliding down fresh powder helped skiers burn over 332 million calories total last year. The NSAA counted 481 ski areas nationwide that supply a big $11.3 billion industry. Among the hottest ski towns in Travel & Leisure are Park City, Telluride, Truckee, Stowe, and Jackson Hole. Preparing for your first or hundredth ski trip can be harder than conquering the 12,162-foot Crested Butte without help sorting through the surplus of gear options though.


Visiting your town’s local outdoor recreation shop when you need new ski cambers, bindings, shafts, or straps isn’t necessary anymore. The advent of e-commerce lets skiers cruise past crowds and make gear purchases from anywhere with an Internet connection, even your favorite mountain getaway. User-friendliness is perhaps why Business Insider predicts that online sales will constitute 17 percent of U.S. retail by 2022. As a result, the number of websites selling winter sports merchandise has risen dramatically. Picking from the thousands of products of virtually every brand can make your head spin. That’s where Ski Gear Sale comes in to narrow down the best options for a simplified online buying process. Security is usually skiers’ foremost concern when choosing digital purchases. One encounter with a hacker can lead to an avalanche of financial troubles. The Insurance Information Institute warns that 16.7 million Americans fell victim to identity theft in 2017. Typing in your precious credit card digits without proper SSL encryption can lead downhill fast. Luckily, Ski Gear Sale has your back and always strives to protect our readers’ privacy. We’ll publish how-to articles for veering away from online scams and swindles. When we link to products, we use sites like Amazon because it’s one of the biggest, safest retailers in cyber space. It’s even possible to complete transactions by gift card to safeguard your most personal info.
with Skiing Equipment Values Online
Skiing the “steep and deep” isn’t typically cheap. After all, CNBC discovered that the average weekend ski lift ticket costs $85.52 now. Initial equipment costs for newbies can quickly climb upward of $1,000. That’s why the team at Ski Gear Sale wants to make this notoriously costly hobby more accessible on tight budgets. We strive to inform outdoor enthusiasts of the best products available below market value. Sticking to the lower end of the pricing spectrum for big ROI is our forte. We’ll introduce lesser-known brands along with iconic names like Helly Hansen, High Sierra, Burton, Kari Traa, and Salomon. We suggest searching for holiday and post-season clearance sales when retailers are pushing old stock, too. So what do we look for when forming our top skiing gear lists? Quality reigns supreme because good deals mean nothing if the gear breaks in weeks. Our diligent researchers survey product specs to ensure the materials are tough enough to withstand skiing 50+ miles per hour. For example, we analyze whether the wooden core of each ski is durable without being too heavy. We live for finding adjectives like waterproof, high-performance, and sturdy. Innovation plays a big role in our selections since the newest gadgets like GoPro cameras and anti-fog goggles can improve your skiing experience. Reliability is also essential since ski gear takes a beating in cold climates. Here’s an overview of the features Ski Gear Sale strives for in every category head to toe:


What type of skis or board you strap your feet into will make or break your run. Our Best Cheap Skis section checks out the products that provide the best advantages on icy and powdery surfaces. We’ve outlined softer, flexing skis that are more forgiving for novices. Then we’ve got stiffer, bigger skis capable of more pressure for aggressive pros. From frontside skis to all-mountain skis, we’ll help locate the right pair at a suitable waist width without breaking the bank. Finishing the ski setup with comfy, padded boots comes next. The Best Cheap Ski Boots division seeks to support your soles and ankles in waterproof fashion at fair prices. Forget the “one size fits all” mantra because getting the perfect fit prevents blisters and aids ski control. We’ve listed tons of stylish twosomes in fun colors that give the hard outer shell and soft liner you need.
Lacking proper coverage could cause frostbite or hypothermia in just a half hour. Thus, our Best Cheap Ski Jackets section looks to wrap your upper body in insulated coats that won’t constrict your movement. Built-in thermal technology will keep your core warm against the cold breeze. Remember to pore over the jacket sizing charts to leave adequate room for your base and mid layers. Moving downward, we have the Best Cheap Ski Pants part to protect your legs for $150 or less. Our team looks for features like adjustable waistbands for comfort, articulated knees for flexibility, and pockets for storage. Water repellant fabric is another must, especially for beginners whose butts are often in the snow. We’ll also suggest great socks, underclothes, and gloves to shield from the elements.
Safety comes first, so no skiing ensemble is complete without the right headgear. Brain injuries account for 10 to 20 percent of injuries sustained by skiers. Therefore, our Best Cheap Helmets division will help affordably protect your noggin during falls. Buying helmets online is possible when you wrap measuring tape around your head one inch above your eyebrows for accurate sizing. Don’t forget that defending your eyes is crucial too. The Best Cheap Ski Goggles part reviews ergonomically designed pairs with UV shades for crystal clear vision. They’re superior to simple sunglasses that can freeze and allow flurries in your eyes. Perhaps the most prominent accessory is your poles though. We’ve devoted the Best Cheap Ski Poles section to finding durable products that plant for good balance in hard snow. The poles come in two-inch increments based on your height in lightweight materials to thwart arm fatigue.

Ready to Hit the Slopes with Dependable, Affordable Gear?

Now’s the time to start scrolling through the Ski Gear Sale website for trusted reviews on every ski trip necessity. Our rankings clearly number the top skiing equipment choices that provide the best bang for your buck. We only recommend tested, well-loved items to take the hassle out of buying online. We happily share our enthusiasm for winter sports by setting you up for success on the piste. So click whichever link catches your eye to prepare for another season of unforgettable snow adventures!


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