Top 10 Best Cheap Youth Race Poles

Best kids ski poles

Skiing can be an incredibly expensive sport, as it requires a lot of equipment and different working pieces to be able to have a successful ski trip. Between gear like skis, boots, bindings, helmets, jackets, and poles, you might spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on skiing equipment for yourself and your child. Equipment costs don’t even include your gas, airfare, hotel, or ticket to your desired resort, so it is important to figure out how you can save money while skiing wherever possible. 

Ski poles help to control your rhythm, speed, and turns while racing or casually skiing. For kids, having poles is incredibly important for aiding their balance, which can be difficult if they are just learning how to ski. Finding the right poles can be integral to your child’s skiing experience, so this list will go over ten affordable youth ski poles that function just as well as some of the more expensive ones. Keep reading to find the perfect youth race poles for your next trip to the slopes!

1. EDITORS CHOICE: K2 Ski Sprout Boys’ Ski Poles

K2 is one of the most trusted names in skiing, so you know you will be getting your money’s worth with these 75 – 105 cm poles. These poles, nicknamed the ‘sprout’ poles, will prevent every parent’s worst nightmare: you buy your child a new piece of skiing equipment, and by the time they go to use it, they have already outgrown it. These poles are adjustable in length and include a FlipJaw locking system that prevents the poles from separating once adjusted. Since the shafts of these poles are widely adjustable, they can be used for many years. 


  • Aluminum constructed shafts, rubber grips
  • Terrain: all-mountain
  • Weight: 0.48 kg
  • FlipJaw adjustable, nesting poles
  • Notches in poles ensure easy storage 

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2. Zipline Ski Poles Kids Graphite Carbon Composite

These poles from Zipline have been nicknamed the “David Wise Olympic Gold Medal Pole,” due to the fact that they act as an official supplier for the US Ski Team, and they are the personal choice of Olympic Gold Medalist skier David Wise. If the national ski team and David Wise feel comfortable competing with these poles, your child is gonna love them! The sleek colors for these poles include black chrome, blue chrome, and silver chrome, and the shafts are constructed of high modulus carbon fiber graphite. 


  • High modulus graphite constructed shafts, taper from 16.0 mm to 14.0 mm at tip
  • Terrain: all-mountain, powder specifically
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Signature “trigger finger” ZipGrip
  • 9mm larger powder basket to tackle fresh snow 

3. LEKI Racing Kids Ski Pole

These LEKI ski poles are perfect for the kid that cannot get enough color in their lives. The classic kids racing poles feature a neon red handle with a bright yellow logo, ideal for those times you need to spot your child all the way from the chairlift. The poles are constructed of aluminum with a 14mm pole diameter and a steel tip. The handles are made of PA safety hard plastic—easy for younger children to hold onto. A protective loop attached to the handle means that your child will never leave their poles in the snow.


  • Aluminum construction, steel tip
  • Terrain: all-mountain
  • Colors include neon red and black
  • Replaceable racing plate 
  • Safety loop ensures poles never leave your child’s side 

4. Salomon Kaloo Junior Ski Pole

These Kaloo junior ski poles are perfect for kids who are always on the move. Salomon was founded in 1947 in the French Alps, one of the world’s skiing capitals. These poles are designed to fit comfortably in smaller hands, ideal for kids who are still learning how to properly ski and use equipment. These poles come in fun and exciting colors like blue, pink, and yellow, handy for when you are looking for poles to match your child’s colorful winter outfit. Aluminum construction provides stiff strength while remaining incredibly lightweight.  


  • Aluminum construction, strong yet light
  • Terrain: all-mountain
  • Colors include blue, pink, and yellow
  • Correct grip shape to fit smaller hands
  • Safety loop ensures poles never leave your child’s side 
top ten youth racing poles

5. Volkl Phantastick Junior Poles

Volkl has outdone themselves when creating these incredibly affordable youth poles, which come in at just under $25. The poles are 36 inches long and are constructed of aluminum, designed with a powder basket for all-mountain terrain. Learning how to pole plant is absolutely integral to your child learning how to ski, and the construction of these Volkl poles will help them to effectively land their turns and stay balanced. These poles are stiff yet light, with a plastic molded grip perfect for small hands. 


  • 5083 aluminum-constructed shafts 
  • Terrain: all-mountain
  • Colors include red and black
  • Plastic molded grip, perfect for small hands 

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6. Rossignol Tactic Jr Ski Poles Kids

These Rossignol children’s poles clock in at just under $40, the perfect mid-range poles for your child, especially one that has already been skiing for a while. Rossignol is a French manufacturer of skis and skiing equipment, and they were one of the very first companies to produce plastic skis. These reasonably-priced poles are constructed from 5086 Dural aluminum alloy, making them lightweight yet durable under harsh turns. The tip is made of steel and sits below a 50mm basket, available in multiple lengths including 30 inches, 32 inches, and 34 inches. 


  • 5083 aluminum alloy-constructed shafts
  • Terrain: all-mountain
  • Colors include red, grey, and black
  • 50 mm basket and steel tip
  • Available in several different lengths

7. LEKI Rider Ski Pole Pair

As mentioned earlier, LEKI is one of the premier names in skiing equipment, and these kid’s ski poles are no exception to their amazing gear. These poles are perfect for those electric, colorful personalities, as they are available in exciting colorways like purple, green, blue, and red. Adjustable straps attached to the grip allow children to perfectly secure their poles to their wrists, preventing them from losing them even when they lose control. Aluminum HTS makes up the body of the poles, making them robust and strong, yet light to hold. 


  • Lightweight aluminum HTS shafts
  • Terrain: all-mountain
  • Colors include purple, green, blue, and red
  • Adjustable wrist straps 
  • Available in several lengths from 80 to 110 cm

8. Rossignol Kids’ Hero GS/SG Jr Ski Poles

French manufacturer Rossignol created these mid-range ‘hero’ poles for the little ones who are getting more serious about their sport. These poles come in at $50, making them a solid and reasonably-priced investment for a more frequent skier. They are available in a sleek, striking red color and measure 100 cm. These poles, which are specifically designed for racing, are made up of a triangular aluminum race shaft and a WC grip that is specifically designed for junior skiers. If your child aspires to becoming a serious ski racer and wants the equipment to match, these poles are the perfect starter investment. 


  • Aluminum triangular shafts designed for racing
  • Terrain: all-mountain
  • Sleek red colorway
  • Length: 100 cm
  • WC grip specifically designed for junior hands 

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9. Scott Junior SMU Hero Poles

Scott Sports, a Swiss sporting equipment company, have made their youth skiing poles extremely affordable, costing just over $25. The sleek, black poles are available in several different sizes ranging from 34 to 40 inches, perfect for those kids who are just in between common sizing. Joystick grips and adjustable straps allow these poles to stay in place even when your child wipes out, ensuring you won’t need to buy them new gear for some time. A TUV basket and cone tip allows kids to easily grip the powdery snow that all skiers dream about. 


  • S3 aluminum shafts for maximum durability
  • Terrain: all-mountain
  • Neutral black colorway
  • Multiple lengths available from 34 to 40 inches
  • Adjustable grip straps 

10. Swix Tech Junior Performance Aluminum Ski Poles

Swix is a Norwegian company founded in 1946 that produces top quality winter sporting equipment. These poles clock in at a very low price, costing anywhere from only $16 to $25 depending on the size you need. A light grey colorway will match any child’s skiing outfit, and multiple lengths are available ranging from 80 to 105 centimeters. Swix has fitted these poles with a junior handle that has been ergonomically designed for little hands, using a soft material so kid’s hands don’t get sore after a long day on the slopes. 


  • Aluminum shafts, ideal for tech performance
  • Terrain: all-mountain
  • Light grey colorway
  • Multiple lengths available from 80 to 105 cm
  • Ergonomically-designed, soft material grip 
Best youth racing poles


All of the poles on this list are sure to give you your money’s worth, but the ‘sprout’ ski poles from K2 are the ones that we most highly recommend. Their durability and lightweight nature are sure to impress your child and help them on their way while they learn how to effectively maneuver difficult slopes. 


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