10 Best Cheap Men’s Snowboard Boots 2018

Finding cheap men’s snowboard boots doesn’t mean that quality needs to be sacrificed. Overall, traditional laced boots fly lower on the cost scale than modern Boa boots that crank to tighten. Whatever brand you purchase, always try on the boot and check the grip on the ankle and heel. Lifting heels means a lack of control when on the board and more stress on the body.

For the perfect fit, remove the liner and put on the boot with your toe at the front. If there is one finger space at the heel go a size up, if there is a three-finger space (about two inches), then size down.

Here are our ten picks for the best cheap men’s snowboard boots of 2018.

1. Sapient Mason Snowboard Boots

sapient-mason-snowboard-boots-best-cheap-mens-snowboard-bootsIf you’re looking for an affordable snowboard boot that laces, Sapient’s all-terrain boot is designed for all skill levels with a wide pull handle at the front and robust ties. The sole has ice spikes for traction and inside a cushion keeps the fit snug for good grip at the heal. Comfortable padding buffers any rough landings or stress from quick turns.

2. DC Men’s Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots

dc-mens-phase-lace-up-snowboard-boots-best-cheap-mens-snowboard-bootsIf a Boa boot is out of your price range, DC offers an affordable snowboard boot in leather with a light sole and traditional lacing. The fleece, thermal lining protects the feet and keeps a tight fit at the heel. The flexible construction and light-weight soles give long wear without blisters even after a long day’s run.

3. Burton Nutrition Invader Snowboard Boots

burton-nutrition-invader-snowboard-boots-best-cheap-mens-snowboard-bootsThe exclusive design of Burton Nutrition’s men’s snowboard boot features a heat-moldable imprint liner for the best fit. Deep internal gusset keeps the snow out without compromising on the movement needed for a full day on the slopes. The soft construction and airy sole reduces fatigue and has a worn-in feeling right out of the box.

4. Thirtytwo Groomer Fast Track Snowboard Boots

thirtytwo-groomer-fast-track-snowboard-boots-best-cheap-mens-snowboard-bootsWhen you need a men’s snowboard boot that doesn’t set the budget on fire, Thirtytwo’s Groomer fast-lacing line fits the bill. At only 2.3 pounds, this basic boot won’t pull you down but remains strong and snow proof. The rubber sole provides insulation and grip, so you won’t slide waiting for the lift. This stylish boot molds to the foot like a glove after wearing-in.

5. 5th Element ST-1 Snowboard Boots

5th-element-st-1-snowboard-boots-best-cheap-mens-snowboard-bootsFor a low-cost snowboard boot, 5th Element’s ST-1 is an all-purpose mountain freestyle men’s snowboard boot and has all the basic necessities for the intermediate to advanced boarder. The separate inner lining and outer boot classic lacing gives a customized fit. Together, they prevent heel lift and provide efficient control. Ride the mountain all day in foamed comfort.

6. Thirtytwo STW Boa Snowboard Boot

thirtytwo-stw-boa-snowboard-boot-best-cheap-mens-snowboard-bootsAnother low-cost snowboard boot by Thirtytwo offers a Boa system rather than a traditional lace. Crank the knob to pull the wire snug and pull the knob to loosen. The fast on and off is ideal for the beginner looking to give the sport a try. At about 1.5 pounds, it’s a super light boot with foam and Sherpa for superior cushion and heat retention.

7. Thirtytwo Men’s Prion ’15

thirtytwo-mens-prion-15-best-cheap-mens-snowboard-bootsThe Prion has overlays of foam for heel hold and integrated lacing for the snug fit required to reduce chaffing and discomfort. It’s got great flex at a cheap price compared to other snowboard boots on the market. The internal liners are heat moldable, and the thick tread has traction to contend with whatever conditions nature throws out. There’s a reason why Thirtytwo is a trusted brand with its cheap price and high quality.

8. HEAD Classic Boa Snowboard Boots Men’s

head-classic-boa-snowboard-boots-mens-best-cheap-mens-snowboard-bootsFor just a bit more in the budget, HEAD’s classic Boa snowboard boot gives the extra where it matters most. It’s got contoured foot support for a supreme out-of-the-box fit. They can be custom molded to precise dimensions and have a one-hand liner lace system: pull the lace to tighten and pull the tongue to loosen. The heel padding offers forgiving pressure-point cushioning for the beginner and ideal heel grip for advanced snowboarders.

9. System APX Men’s Snowboard Boots

system-apx-mens-snowboard-boots-best-cheap-mens-snowboard-bootsNothing guarantees quality like a three-year warranty for any manufacturer’s defects. System backs their affordable men’s snowboarding boot and is among the most price-friendly on the list. The durable boot has smooth metal hooks to keep the lacing tight with less wear, and the Thermofit inserts shape to the feet. Flexible and waterproof, the APX line has got a lot of bang for the buck even for the weekend warrior.

10. DC Men’s Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots

dc-mens-mutiny-lace-snowboard-boots-best-cheap-mens-snowboard-bootsDC means business and their 2018 Mutiny has incorporated style and everything needed for a secure heel grip without taking away from movement or comfort. Available in seven colors, it has strong outer lacing for getting just the right fit, an internal ankle harness to keep the foot in place, and deep treads on a rubber sole to reduce slippage. The one-pull, white liner offers comfort from the first day and keeps the foot secure even under the rigors of freestyle.

Whether you go classic tie or one-hand BOA, choose the style that complements your foot length and width. There are plenty of cheap men’s snowboard boots of high quality from reputable manufacturers to fit every wallet.

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