10 Best Cheap Boys Ski Helmets

By SGS Staff
June 2019

This article reviews the top 10 cheap boys ski helmets available online.

Learning to ski involves plenty of spills and falls, but you can keep your young charges safe with proper headgear. Protecting fragile bones and insulating against concussions is one of the most essential points to consider when choosing a helmet for a boy learning to ski. As they grow more confident and take on more significant challenges, this consideration remains a critical factor in safe winter play. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best affordable boys’ ski helmets, so that as they grow and learn you can breathe more easily.

1. Wildhorn Outfitters’ Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet

Wildhorn Outfitters' Drift Snowboard and Ski Cheap Boys Helmets

Crafted from ultra-light, impact-resistant materials, this helmet weighs in at less than 18 ounces, making it 25 percent lighter than many other high-quality ski helmets. While it’s lined with a superlatively plush material to keep ears warm during winter activities, it’s also equipped with the ultimate in custom ventilation systems. Using both direct and indirect airflow, the vents can be opened to release excess heat and moisture and closed again once the situation has cooled. This streamlined helmet will look good, feel good, and protect any active young skier while they’re on the slopes.

2. Outdoor Master’s KELVIN Ski Helmet

Outdoor Master’s KELVIN Cheap Boys Helmets

The hard exterior ABS shell prevents damage resulting from any sharp trauma while the ultra-light EPS foam core material absorbs shocks from any falls. A removable plush lining with ear flaps can be washed for a fresh experience and helps maintain the ultimate fit and comfort during wear. Vents located in the front allow for fresh air to move between a young skier’s head and the helmet, while vents strategically placed in both the top and rear allow excess heat and moisture to escape.

3. Giro Crue MIPS Kids’ Snow Helmet

Giro Crue MIPS Kids’ Snow Cheap Boys Ski Helmets

With an Auto Loc 2 Fit System, you can adjust this helmet for a perfect fit. The hard shell exterior construction prevents sharp trauma, while a feather-light foam interior absorbs the shock of impacts. Once the chinstrap is secured and their goggles looped into the rear retainer, they won’t be tempted to fuss with their helmet. Stack ventilation works with compatible goggles to keep their view fog-free while strategically placed helmet vents allow for cool air to circulate and excess heat to escape.

4. Retrospec’s Traverse H3 Youth Ski Helmet

Retrospec’s Traverse H3 Youth Cheap Boys Ski Helmets

For young boys just learning to ski, safety is as crucial as comfort. The ABS hard shell exterior prevents any bruising that may result from taking a spill while the foam interior absorbs the shock of impact. A rear goggle retainer and an adjustable chin strap ensure that all safety gear remains firmly and comfortably situated. Plush earflaps keep tiny extremities warm while helmet vents allow for cool fresh air to lift away the sweat of exertion on the Bunny Slope.

5. Lanovagear Kids’ Snow Helmet

Lanovagear Kids’ Snow Cheap Boys Ski Helmets

The ABS hard plastic exterior and the EPS foam interior meet the highest level of helmet safety standards. They work in tandem to keep your young skier safe on the slopes as they learn the ins and outs of the sport. A padded chinstrap and rear goggle retainer keep safety gear comfortably in place, and you can adjust helmet fit with the touch of a dial. A subtle ridge across the brow of the helmet serves as an additional barrier to any injury during winter play.

6. Smith Optics’ Zoom Junior Helmet

Smith Optics’ Zoom Junior Cheap Boys Ski Helmets

The hard plastic exterior comes in an array of bright, pleasing colors while it protects against bruising and other injuries. The foam core absorbs the shock of any fall or accidental collision, which provides an additional layer of safety. The soft tricot lining and ear flaps will keep any exposed skin warm. Meanwhile, the customizable Air Evac 2 ventilation system with Airflow Climate Control allows cool air to circulate between head and helmet, evacuating the excess heat and moisture of exertion.

7. Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet

Lucky Bums Snow Sport Cheap Boys Ski Helmets

Outfit your young skier with a helmet that meets EN1077 safety standards with an EPS hard shell exterior and featherweight ABS foam to absorb and deflect any impact. To keep them safe is more than simply a consideration of protecting them from bumps or bruises. The superlatively soft interior lining is hypoallergenic and treated with an antibacterial solution to prevent complications from constant use. Plus, strategically placed vents permit the circulation of cool, fresh air and the evacuation of excess heat and moisture that arises from strenuous activity.

8. Giro Kids’ Snow Helmet and Matching Goggles

Giro Kids’ Cheap Boys Ski Helmets

Once the little ones are ready to take on the slopes, it’s important to outfit them properly. This goggle and helmet combo is both affordable and ensures safe play in the snow for any young snow buddy. The hard shell helmet can be adjusted for the perfect fit with vertical tuning and is fitted with vents to keep sweat at bay so that they won’t fuss. The matching goggles are treated with an anti-fog solution to keep their view clear, and the double-layered face foam with microfleece ensures they won’t irritate sensitive young skin.

9. Outdoor Master’s Multisport Youth Helmet

Outdoor Master’s Multisport Youth Cheap Boys Ski Helmets

For active boys, safety gear that can be applied to multiple sports all year round is a bonus. This helmet is suitable for any outdoor pursuit, with dual layers of protection. The fit can be adjusted easily with the touch of a dial, and the inner lining is removable so that it can be washed after a hard day on the slopes. Twenty-one individual helmet vents permit ultimate circulation to remove sweat and excess heat and allow cool, fresh air beneath the helmet.

10. Anon Kids’ Rime Ski Helmet

Anon Kids’ Rime Cheap Boys Ski Helmets

Clip this dual-layer helmet into place with the secure Fidlock Snap helmet buckle. The Endura Shell exterior protects against bumps and bruises that can happen while your young one is learning how to manage their skis. Passive ventilation allows cool, fresh air to whisk away sweat and discomfort during play, and the classic fleece liner with ear pads will protect tender skin from the cold temperatures.

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