10 Best Cheap Ski Face Masks

Ski masks are specially designed masks that protect your face and skin from the wind while giving you the freedom to move and breathe. When you first think of these masks, you probably think of the heavy ones you wore as a child that that rubbed uncomfortably against your face. Manufacturers today make masks that weigh less and are much softer for a more comfortable fit. Even if you never tried skiing before, you can still use one of these masks during the cold weather season. The 10 best cheap ski face masks are suitable for wearing every time you step outside.

1. Self Pro Balaclava

Suitable for men and women, this balaclava is an affordable ski face mask that offers protection from all types of winter weather. It uses polyester fibers that last longer than other materials can. That polyester wicks away any moisture or water on your face to help you stay dryer. It also has a long shape and design that makes it look similar to a ninja hood. You can pair the mask with other headgear for added protection.

2. Super Z Outlet Knit Ski Mask

One look at this ski mask will take you back to your childhood because it looks so similar to those you and your parents wore. The new knit material is more lightweight than the materials used in those masks though and does a good job of helping you stay warm. It completely covers your head and face but has an opening for your nose, mouth and eyes to ensure that you can see and hear clearly as you work or play.

3. Tough Headwear Balaclava

If you worry that a cheap ski mask will keep you from breathing easily, take a look at this one. The lightweight and breathable material used directly over your nose and mouth let you take all the deep breaths that you need without removing the mask first. It has a deep area that extends down your chest for extra protection and a back that covers your entire neck. This mask has an opening around the eyes for using it with goggles.

4. Top Headwear 3-Hole Ski Mask

One of the more classic and traditional of the best cheap ski face masks is this model, which has three openings on the front. Those openings let you breathe through your mouth and talk with confidence, while the holes on the top let you see everything in front of you. You can wear this mask with goggles over your eyes too. With multiple colors of a soft acrylic material to select from, this mask can match your ski jacket too.

5. NewNow Candy Ultra Thin Balaclava

This balaclava ski mask offers all the protection that you need at a great price. While it’s not as thick as other masks, it can protect you when you walk to your car at night or run errands. You have the option of wearing multiple masks together or pairing this one with any other headwear you have. The material is lightweight and allows you to breathe freely. It also has a large opening for your eyes that will fit under goggles.

6. Ergodyne N-Ferno Winter Balaclava

Those who want to look tough and confident on the slopes or when running around town will like this balaclava, which offers loads of protection against the winter weather. As it’s wind-resistant, you can move freely around the mountain without feeling the bite of that wind on your face. The wind-resistant paneling on the outside works with the breathable design of the mask to ensure that you get all the air that you need. It also has a large design that will fit most types of wearers.

7. Oldelf Tactical Outdoor Sports Mask

This outdoor sports mask functions as both a ski mask and a hood. It has an oversized design that completely covers your body from the top of your head down to your shoulders and chest. The fleece fabric feels so smooth and lightweight that you might forget you even put it on in the morning. Thanks to the cords near your chin, you can adjust the fit on this balaclava to feel more comfortable in the cold.

8.  Achiou Balaclava for Women

Suitable for men and women, this cheap ski mask is good for anyone who spends time outside in the cold. It comes with a large swatch of fabric that covers the bottom half of your face to block out the wind, but you can pull this section down as needed. This mask is dust-proof and will keep the dust and debris that you kick up from blowing back into your face. It comes in multiple colors also.

9. mysuntown Ski Mask

From working outside in your yard to sailing down the ski trail, this ski mask will keep you protected. It features a long and thin piece of material that you can wrap around your neck and then head. The included instructions walk you through all the different ways you can use and wear this mask. Made from soft fleece, it insulates your face, head and neck without leaving you feeling overheated or weighed down.

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10. Purjoy Warm Fleece Balaclava

Designed to keep you warm without interfering with your range of motion, this balaclava has an elastic brim that keeps the mask from falling down in your face. That band works with the rope on the edge of the mask, which lets you pick the amount of protection that you need for your face. Though this balaclava weighs more than other masks do, that weight keeps it on the top of your head and prevents it from moving.

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