10 Best Cheap Boys Snowboard Helmets

By SGS Staff
September 2019

This article review the top 10 cheap boys snowboard helmets available online.

Snowboarding is a thrilling sport for kids, but as a parent, your primary concern is probably safety — which is where snowboarding helmets come in. These helmets are engineered to stand up to the stress of downhill snow sports; they’re also made for protection, so your child can stay safe in case of a fall. A great helmet absorbs shocks and reduces the impacts that reach your little one’s head. The key? Finding the model that’s the right fit for your child’s size. To help you narrow down the options, we’ve gathered 10 cheap helmets for boys that are built for durability.

1. OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski Helmet

OutdoorMaster Kelvin BoysSki Helmet

Is there a chance that your little boy will try both skiing and snowboarding? The OutdoorMaster Kelvin helmet is a versatile choice. It’s designed for both sports, so you can transition from one to the other with ease. The magic is in the reinforced ABS shell, which is lined with EPS foam; in combination, these two materials shield your child’s head and help absorb the shock from a fall. Plus, with integrated venting, you don’t need to worry about the heat and moisture buildup that can cause goggle fog.

2. Giro Launch Children’s Snowboard Ski Helmet

Giro Launch Boy's Snowboard Helmet

Spot your child on the hill when he’s wearing this Giro Launch children’s helmet. The exterior of this shell is printed to resemble a shark, complete with a curving fin — that way, your little one looks fun and cool on the slopes. The molded shell is durable yet lightweight, and the in-form fit system helps you achieve the right fit for a variety of head shapes. We love the goggle clip, which prevents your child from losing his goggles on the slopes.

3. Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet

Lucky Bums Boy's Snowboard Helmet

Simple and streamlined, the Lucky Bums helmet gives your child a sporty look. It’s designed for any snow sport, so you can go from snowboarding to sledding without changing gear. If your boy is active on the slopes, this is a great choice — the padded chin strap, foam lining, and two protective layers ensure all-day comfort. Plus, with its ABS/EPS design, this CE-certified helmet gives you peace of mind. We love the hypoallergenic and antibacterial lining, which helps prevent odors.

4. Lanovagear Snowboard Helmet

Lanovagear Boys Snowboard Helmet

Available in a brilliant shade of green, the Lanovagear snowboard helmet helps you keep track of your boy on a busy ski hill. For protection, this helmet is constructed from layers of ABS and EPS. Plus, since it’s CE certified, you can buy with confidence. Does your child tend to lose his gear? This helmet features a goggle clip that secures the goggle strap and prevents it from falling off. Before buying, be sure to check out the size ranges to make sure you’re getting the correct fit.

5. Giro Crue MIPS Kids Snow Helmet

Giro Crue MIPS Boys Snowboard Helmet

Stock your winter gear closet with this Giro Crue MIPS snow helmet. The exterior features a durable hard shell, and the interior is constructed with MIPS for extra shock absorption. Create a comfortable fit with the Auto Loc 2 system, and fasten this helmet using the included chin strap. Pre-cut vents in the helmet maintain a steady flow of air as your child snowboards, keeping him dry and comfortable — plus, you don’t have to worry about odor buildup from excessive sweating.

6. Anon Kids’ Lightweight Burner Ski/Snowboard Helmet

Anon Boys Lightweight Burner Snowboard Helmet

If your boy doesn’t like to be weighed down on the slopes, this Anon Kids’ helmet is a great option. It’s built with ultra-strong, lightweight materials, so it protects your child without adding too much bulk. In fact, it weighs in at just 386 grams. We love the 360-degree Boa Fit system, which helps your child feel comfortable and protected. The Fidlock snap buckle helps secure this helmet, and the passive ventilation ensures that your child’s head stays dry.

7. Odoland Snow Helmet

Odoland Boys Snowboard Helmet

Do you have a boy who’s just starting to snowboard? Start building a stash of gear with this Odoland helmet, which comes with perfectly sized matching goggles. This helmet is built with a durable shell, so it’s shockproof and resistant to punctures. It’s also windproof, so your child stays warm on the slopes. Inside, removable earmuffs add extra padding and warmth. Adjust the goggles using the sliding buckle on the band, and rely on the Flow-Tech vents for fast dry times.

8. Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet

Smith Optics Zoom Junior Boys Snowboard Helmet

Sleek and shiny, this Smith Optics Zoom helmet is a fun option for young snowboarders. The molded helmet is lightweight and strong, so your child can stay safe on the hills. We love the Air Evac 2 ventilation system, which evaporates sweat effectively and keeps your boy comfortable. An adjustable interior ensures a secure fit, and the soft lining is easy on delicate skin.

9. TurboSke Ski Helmet

TurboSke Boys Snowboard Helmet

Delight your little snowboarder with this TurboSke helmet. It’s engineered to EN1077 and ASTM standards, so you can purchase with confidence. Two layers of protection shield your boy from falls and impacts; the interior foam lining absorbs shocks. Use the built-in dial to adjust the size; it’s easy to use, even when you’re wearing gloves. We love the ear pads, which are designed for comfort and softness.

10. Unistrength Kids Snow Sports Helmet

Unistrength Boys Snowboard Sports Helmet

Bright and vibrant, this Unistrength helmet helps you track your child’s progress down the slopes. The ABS cap is ultra strong, and the EPS adds extra protection. Does your boy tend to lose his goggles on the hill? A clip on the back of the helmet prevents the strap from coming loose, so you can save money on lost gear.

Whether your child is new to snowboarding or they have a few years’ of experience, a helmet is an essential piece of gear. With a sturdy, well-made helmet, you can help your boy stay safe in the snow.

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