Top 10 Best Youth Columbia Ski Jackets

By SGS Staff

May 2020

This article reviews the top 10 best youth Columbia ski jackets available online.

If your kids love to play outdoors in the winter, youth Columbia ski jackets are a great way to make sure that they’re warm and protected from the elements. Columbia makes a wide variety of styles — some are sport-specific, offering targeted insulation for activities like skiing and snowboarding, while others are suitable for general winter activities. As you’re choosing a jacket for your child, consider the length, the temperature rating, and the type of insulation. If your kids will be outside in the snow or rain, it’s also important to look at the level of waterproofing. With the right balance, your little ones can stay comfortable during any type of outdoor fun.

1. Columbia Youth Mighty Mogul

Columbia Youth Mighty Mogul Ski Jacket

When you’re dealing with intense cold, the Mighty Mogul jacket is a great choice. The secret is the Omni-Heat lining; it’s engineered to reflect your child’s body heat, creating a cozy cocoon of warmth. Don’t worry if it’s warmer outside — the jacket’s waterproof covering is breathable, so moisture evaporates quickly without accumulating. With the variety of available bright colors, it’s a breeze to match your child’s preferences.

2. Columbia Girls’ Alpine Action Jacket

Columbia Girls' Alpine Action Youth Ski Jacket

Your little one will be delighted to get ready to play outside when this Alpine Action jacket is hanging in the closet. It comes in vibrant, saturated colors that are fun and lively — plus, it makes your child easy to spot in the snow. The twill nylon exterior is light and flexible, making for easy activity and movement. Inside, a layer of Omni-Heat fabric ensures all-day warmth.

3. Columbia Sportswear Girls’ Bugaboo Interchange Jacket

Columbia Sportswear Girls' Bugaboo Interchange Youth Ski Jacket

Do you have a child who doesn’t seem to stop growing? The Bugaboo Interchange jacket can be a budget-friendly solution. It comes with the Outgrown Grow System; when your little one grows, simply cut through the retaining stitches in the sleeve to create the extra length you need to get through another season. With its sealed seams and Omni-Tech waterproofing, this jacket is particularly good for intense outdoor activity.

4. Columbia Girls’ Nordic Jump Jacket

Columbia Girls' Nordic Jump Youth Ski Jacket

Get ready for extreme winter temperatures with the Nordic Jump jacket. It’s insulated with 100G Microtemp Xf material and lined with Omni-Tech reflective material, providing plenty of protection against the cold wind. The attached storm hood features an adjustable opening to protect the ears and head in blustery conditions. A media pocket keeps your child’s phone safe, and the zippered hand pockets offer extra storage on the slopes.

5. Columbia Sportswear Girls’ Crash Out Jacket

Columbia Sportswear Girls’ Crash Out Youth Ski Jacket

Comfortable and durable, the Crash Out jacket is made to last. It comes with a snap-on powder skirt to keep out the snow during skiing and snowboarding trips. The critical seams are sealed, and the exterior shell is waterproof for long-lasting dryness. With its Outgrown Grow System sleeves, this jacket is easy to adjust at the end of the winter — that way, you’re covered in the case of a growth spurt.

6. Columbia Powder Lite Boys’ Jacket

Columbia Powder Lite Boys’ Youth Ski Jacket

Great for layering and everyday use, the Powder Lite jacket offers lightweight insulation. The interior is lined with Omni-Heat fabric to preserve body heat, and the Thermarator insulation adds extra warmth. With its puffer-style quilting, this jacket is soft and flexible enough for active outdoor play. It’s made with a short stand collar and a chin guard, so you can layer it under a hooded shell for extremely cold days.

7. Columbia Sportswear Boys’ Evo Fly Jacket

Columbia Sportswear Boys’ Evo Fly Youth Ski Jacket

Made with a fun, bold print, the Evo Fly jacket amps up your child’s ski-hill style. The angular pattern features shades of grey, so you can pair it with a wide range of printed or solid-colored ski pants. Rely on the storm hood for extra wind protection, and trust the fleece panel lining to warm the core. The waterproof shell is ideal for beginning skiers and advanced athletes alike. This model includes Outgrown cuffs for extended wear.

8. Columbia Kids’ Big Glennaker Interchange Jacket

Columbia Kids' Big Glennaker Interchange Youth Ski Jacket

Be prepared for any fall or winter activity with the Big Glennaker Interchange jacket. It comes with an outer shell and an inner fleece liner — wear them separately for rainy or cool days, or connect them together to combat cold winter weather. Elastic cuffs prevent snow from slipping in, and the handy hood comes with a chin guard for convenient protection on the ski hill or sledding hill.

9. Columbia Boys’ Lightning Lift Jacket

Columbia Boys' Lightning Lift Youth Ski Jacket

Surround your little skier with warmth and softness with the Lightning Lift jacket. This style is generously insulated with polyester fill, creating a luxurious layer of protection. The waterproof exterior is ideal for any type of winter sports, and the attached storm hood is a must for windy or snowy days. Reflective accents help boost visibility during outdoor play.

10. Columbia Youth Pike Lake Jacket

Columbia Pike Lake Youth Ski Jacket

With its puffer design and luxurious Thermarator insulation, the Pike Lake jacket is designed for maximum comfort. The soft, fluffy surface is soft, so your child can move freely. As their body heat radiates out, the Omni-Heat lining reflects it back to ensure consistent warmth. Each cuff features an Outgrown extension panel to accommodate your child as they get taller. That way, you can go longer before buying a replacement.

When you live in an area with cold, wet, or snowy winters, a Columbia youth ski jacket makes a great addition to your child’s wardrobe. With a great jacket, you can rest assured that your little one can get active and stay warm.

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