10 Best Cheap Women’s Telemark Ski Boots 2018

If you are an alpine skier or snowboarder, you may be considering trying Telemark skiing as a way of making your outdoor sports more thrilling. If you have, then this article is a must-read. We have featured the top low-cost women’s Telemark ski boots.

Mini-reviews of the Best Cheap Women’s Telemark Ski Boots


1. Nordica NXT N3W Women’s Ski Boots

nordica-nxt-n3w-womens-ski-boots-cheap-womens-telemark-ski-bootsThese Telemark ski boots come in white, a color that makes them look stylish. They feature a lightweight Triax construction and a weather-shield tongue that will protect the boots against debris and snow. The boots also come with a PrimaLoft insulation to protect your feet against the frozen snow.

2. Scott Minerva Telemark Boot

scott-minerva-telemark-boot-womens-cheap-womens-telemark-ski-bootsThese cheap women’s Telemark ski boots are designed with a Pebax shell material that is strong and durable. This makes them ideal for the woman looking to charge hard as she Telemarks downhill. They feature a flex of 120 and their last width is 100mm, making them ideal for a variety of users. They are available in two colors.

3. SCARPA TX Pro Telemark Boot

scarpa-tx-pro-telemark-boot-cheap-womens-telemark-ski-bootsThese comfortable Telemark boots are designed with a Pebax shell material so you can go hard as you telemark. They also come with 4 buckles that you can adjust for a proper fit. The last width of these telegram boots is an impressive 102mm.

4. Black Diamond Women’s Stiletto Ski Boot

black-diamond-womens-stiletto-ski-boot-cheap-womens-telemark-ski-bootsThese Telemark ski boots for women are 6 inches high and 15 inches wide. They feature the Triax Performance Frame technology that will allow you to ski as you maximize the flex with great power. This is enabled by the optimal torsional stiffness. The liners and spoilers are specially designed for women.

5. Scott Minerva NTN Telemark Boot

scott-minerva-ntn-telemark-boot-cheap-womens-telemark-ski-bootsThese cheap women’s Telemark ski boots are available in Bermuda Blue/White colors. They have a 120 flex that is progressive for reliable skiing. They also have a Pebax shell material that is sturdy and durable to work under rough conditions. Their last width is 100mm and their asymmetric bellows are specially made for skiing efficiency. They are the right choice for Telemark skiers who are hard chargers.

6. SCARPA Women’s T2 ECO Telemark Boot

scarpa-womens-t2-eco-telemark-boot-cheap-womens-telemark-ski-bootsThese Telemark boots for women are designed in a silver/aqua color and will provide adequate support to both your ankles and feet. They are ideal for conservationists because they are made from renewable Pebax Rnew plastic. They have a triple-density foot that gives it optimal lateral stability with a perfectly maintained flex.

7. SCARPA T2 Eco Telemark Boot

scarpa-t2-eco-telemark-boot-cheap-womens-telemark-ski-bootsThis brand of women’s Telemark ski boots is designed with 3 buckles so you can adjust them for a good fit. They are made from organic, plant-based Pebax Rnew shell material that is renewable and highly durable. Their last width is 102 mm and they come with undistributed glades alongside pristine bowls that create an open-vista design.

8. Stiletto Telemark Boot by Black Diamond

stiletto-telemark-boot-by-black-diamond-cheap-womens-telemark-ski-bootsYou can look stylish while going Telemark skiing in these Stiletto Telemark boots. They come in a champagne color for elegance. The flex, spoiler, and liner are custom-made for women’s feet. The upper side is made from Pebax polyurethane, which is lightweight so you can control your skiing ability better. These boots allow for cuff-to-bellows flex thanks to the 100 flex and the mid-stiff bellows.

9. Garmont Excursion Telemark Boots

garmont-excursion-telemark-boots-cheap-womens-telemark-ski-bootsThis brand of affordable women’s Telemark ski boots is available in black/silver, colors that give them a luxurious look. They are made in a multi-injection Pebax that is soft to the touch. The flex is also great and the boots have waterproof protection. They have a pad-lock liner so they can fit securely to give you maximum control and to support your feet and ankles. The inner part is made from EVA foam, which is fleecy and comfortable for your feet.

10. SCARPA Women’s T2 Eco Ski Boots

scarpa-womens-t2-eco-ski-boots-cheap-womens-telemark-ski-bootsYour search for the best Telemark boots could stop here if you are looking for a highly comfortable ski boot. This is because this pair from SCARPA features active power straps that will ensure your performance is at the top. They are made from Pebax Rnew plastic. They also come fitted with intuition performance flex G liner so they can fit your feet properly. This way, your skiing performance will be incredible. They are a perfect choice for any woman looking for versatility, comfort, and fun.

This concludes our list of the best cheap women’s Telemark ski boots. You may also like: 10 Best Cheap Men’s Telemark Boots.


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