10 Best Cheap Salomon Skis

By SGS Staff
May  2019

This article reviews the top 10 cheap Salomon Skis available online.

Salomon is a world-renowned, French ski-making company which first hit the scene in 1947. Company founder Georges Salomon had a vision and passion for woodwork and ski-making, and this translated directly into his business. His business would then go on to create the world’s premier, modern forms of self-releasing bindings and other important ski designs and individual components.

Today, that same legacy lives on, and having a good pair of Salomon skis is a sort of life rite to many. The next question for some is that of affordability. Here to cut through any uncertainty, we give you Salomon’s 10 best ski sets that are also relatively affordable.

1. Salomon Aira 76 ST Women’s Skis with Lithium 10 Bindings

Salomon 2019 Aira 76 ST Women's Skis - Salomon Skis

The Aira 76 ST ski set comes in a sleek dark purple featuring a wood core with semi-sandwich construction. These skis also feature a quality basalt layer, the All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 system, and great pulse pads. They size at 160cm and utilize a very soft flex. This quality set is designed for beginner to intermediate level skiers and performs very well therein.

2. Salomon QST Myriad 85 Women’s Skis

Salomon QST Myriad 85 Women - Salomon Skis

The QST Myriad 85 ski set is a great choice because of its many great qualities. Solid pulse pads, a wood core with basalt layering, and strong, all-terrain rockers make this set a winner. Beyond these perks, users can also look forward to a well-flared tail profile, medium flex, and zero metal layering. Actual turn radius is rated 16m at 161cm length.

3. Salomon XDR 76 ST Skis with Lithium 10 Bindings

Salomon XDR 76 St Skis - Salomon Skis

Black and blue with a hint of orange logo accent make this set a real visual stunner. Beyond aesthetics, though, these are terrifically affordable performers. Built-in features here include quality Lithium 10 bindings, the All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 system, and a precisely tuned weight-to-length rating of exactly 2436g/Per Ski at 160cm. A soft flex and zero metal layering round it all out.

4. Salomon QST Lux Jr Kids Skis w/Easytrak L7 Bindings

Salomon QST Lux Jr Kids Skis - Salomon Skis

Those looking for a great and affordable Salomon ski set for young girls are typically very well-suited by the offerings of the QST Lux Jr ski set. This set features a very attractive floral, purple design, strong Easytrack L7 bindings, and size at 130cm. The bindings adjust out to 336mm for various boot sizes, and the tapered design of the overall skis cuts through snow quite well while aiding in stability.

5. Salomon RS 7 XC Men’s Skis

Salomon RS 7 Cross Country Skis - Salomon Skis

Salomon quality and ultimate affordability come together very nicely in the RS 7 XC model ski set for men. Here we have a sleek size design of 45/43/47mm that is perfect for cross-country skiing. A closer look reveals aggressively powered camber, a Densolite 2000 core, and a D2FC system for excellent flex control. All this in a well-designed skating spaceframe absent of metal edges makes this expert ski set a real winner.

6. Salomon XDR 80 Ti Skis Mens

Salomon XDR 80 Ti Skis Men's - Salomon Skis

In stylish dress, these grandly tapered all-mountain skis are a great buy. This set was designed to work in virtually all ski environs and terrains with an emphasis and continued smoothness and control throughout said terrain changes. It achieves this goal very well and does so with the aid of a full wood core, full-sandwich sidewalls, special carbon reinforcements, a solid Ti power zone, and the All–Terrain 2.0 rocker system.

7. Salomon TNT Jr. Kid’s Skis

Salomon TNT Jr. Skis Kid's - Salomon Skis

Salomon’s TNT Jr. Kid’s Skis are a great choice in affordability coupled with upper-level quality. The TNT Jr. set is a twintip, composite, corund set with a sidecut arranged to 106/80/98 at 130cm. With mono-style construction and a ski weight each of 1,095g, these kids skis set the tone for some great ski days. All this is capped off with a very eye-catching TNT fire-wave design that fades from yellow to pink over a solid, black background.

8. Salomon TNT Men’s Skis

Salomon TNT Skis Men's - Salomon Skis

Salomon’s TNT series that performs so well for children is also an excellent performer for adults as well. The TNT men’s series ski set is a wood core twintip with Single Ti Laminate, edgy monocoque, and XL edges. These skis are also full camber and total-edge reinforced for extra durability and performance. Performance sports design and colors crown the outside of this set, and they are weight-rated at 1760g at 171cm.

9. Salomon MTN Explore 88 Men’s Skis

Salomon MTN Explore - Salomon Skis

Whether you want speed or mountain-level control, the MTN Explore 88 ski set has you covered. This set features a hook-free taper, total-edge reinforcing, a mountain rocker system, and a 3D full wood core. Additional composition notes worth noting include a quality semi-sandwich crafting process, a fantastic grip zone and “G-Spot”, tail protection, and an oversized pulse pad. Visually, this set is also a real treat with a cool, orange and white splash-n-slash pattern over orange-tipped, black bottoms.

10. Salomon NFX Jr Skis Boy’s Skis

Salomon NFX Jr Skis - Salomon Skis

One look at these skis alone screams super-sporty and excitement, but the total package is what makes these skis a great choice in quality graced by affordability. This awesome boy’s ski set is built using a complete composite core, quality full-camber rockers, and monocoque sidewalling with high-quality structural fiber. These are very strong yet relatively lightweight for a perfect, kid-ready ski experience.

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