10 Best Cheap Atomic Ski Packages 2018

As much fun as you’ll have speeding down the mountain with a pair of rental skis, you’ll have even more fun with you have a pair of your own strapped to your feet. Skiing enthusiasts of all ages love the products available from Atomic, which is one of the top manufacturers in the industry. Low-cost Atomic ski packages come with everything you need, including both the skis and the bindings. You’ll find sets designed for the kids in your family and packages that will fit adults too. To find the best products for each member of your family, check out the best and most affordable Atomic ski packages.

1. Atomic Cloud Nine

atomic-cloud-nine-cheap-atomic-ski-packagesWomen of all ages looking for low-cost Atomic skis and bindings like the Cloud Nine set because of its unique design. While the black skis have an almost masculine look, the silver accents help lighten up the design and give it more of a feminine appeal. Each ski comes with bindings in a matching silver color attached to the top. You’ll also find metal tips added to the end of each ski that helps you plant your feet and change directions quickly while on the trail.

2. Atomic 2018 Redster

atomic-2018-redster-cheap-atomic-ski-packagesWith a core made of real wood, this Redster set from Atomic is lightweight enough for doing tricks and taking risks on any slope. These skis are much bolder than other sets from the manufacturer and feature bold accents of both red and black. The Atomic logo added to the top of each ski lets others know what company you support. At 130-centimeters long, the Redster is suitable for users of different heights and give you all the control that you need on the mountain.

3. Atomic 2017 Vantage X 74

atomic-2017-vantage-x-74-cheap-atomic-ski-packagesIf you want to feel stylish on the mountain, you need a package that matches your snowsuit and a set that helps you stand out like the 2017 Vantage X 74 from Atomic. Many skiers love the bright colors on this set, including the bold pink accents and the bright blue splashes of color. A thin and lightweight core inside helps you make precise turns with ease, while a firewall added to the edge gives you more stability while moving down the slopes.

4. Atomic Vantage X 80

atomic-vantage-x-80-cheap-atomic-ski-packagesAs you look for affordable Atomic packages, you’ll find the Vantage name popping up time and again. The X 80 Vantage model from Atomic features a funky and modern design that incorporates black and dark blue with some bright splashes of orange. These skis have a sharper turning radius than other designs do, which will help you make fast and precise turns on the spot. You’ll also find a titanium backbone as well as tight bindings that will help you feel more stable and secure.

5. Atomic Redster 3.0 Doubledeck

atomic-redster-3-0-doubledeck-cheap-atomic-ski-packagesAtomic often uses the name Redster on some of its products like this 3.0 Doubledeck package. This set includes both the skis and the bindings that you need. The skis have a white background with bold images in a brighter shade of red across the top. You also get bindings in a deep black color that pair nicely with the skis. Two of the top features on this set include a core made from wood and a deep firewall.

6. Atomic 2017 Redster XTI

atomic-2017-redster-xti-cheap-atomic-ski-packagesThis pair has a Race Rocker profile that will leave you feeling like a rock star as you take on any trail. With a shape design that uses shades of blue and orange as well as some black and white, this package will turn heads as you move. The included bindings are easy to use and will make you feel a little more stable. You’ll also find a solid turning radius and a high-quality set of skis in this set.

7. Atomic Vantage Girl 3

atomic-vantage-girl-3-cheap-atomic-ski-packagesAs you shop for affordable Atomic skis and bindings, don’t forget about the younger skiers in your family. The Vantage Girl 3 from Atomic takes everything you love about the Vantage and shrinks it down into a smaller package that is suitable for young girls. The girls in your family will like the hot pink design of the skis, but you’ll love the security offered by this package and how it will fit them as they grow.

8. Atomic Redster X7

atomic-redster-x7-cheap-atomic-ski-packagesWhile Atomic makes a number of packages for women and kids, it also makes some designs suitable for men such as this Redster set. A full sidewall wraps around the edge and keeps skiers from slipping and sliding in the packed snow. Though the skis have a lightweight wood core inside, each one also has an active chamber and a top sheet for more stability.

9. Atomic 2018 Vantage X77

atomic-2018-vantage-x77-cheap-atomic-ski-packagesLike many companies, Atomic looks for ways to improve its products from year to year. This Vantage package came out in 2018 and has some new features as well as the classic design that so many skiers love. The bright red design found on the top of the skis features some black and white accents that blend with the black design of the bindings. Those bindings work with the skis to give you freedom and stability with good balance and security.

10. Atomic Vantage X 75

atomic-vantage-x-75-cheap-atomic-ski-packagesIf you’re on the hunt for Atomic Ski Packages that cost a little less, you can look for models from previous years such as the Vantage X 75 that first came out in 2017. This set features skis that use different shades of blue with some brighter orange accents. The skis have a classic design with a narrower middle and rounded areas on the front and back that allow you to speed up and come to a complete stop when needed.

When you want to hit the slopes with a pair of your own skis, choose one of the top Atomic packages. Atomic provides you with the sleek skis that slide across those trails and the bindings that keep the skis and boots attached to your feet.

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