Top 10 Best Cheap Kids Ski Poles

By SGS Staff

January 2020

This article reviews the top 10 best cheap kids ski poles available online.

When children first learn to ski, they usually do so using only a pair of skis; as their skills develop, they begin to use ski poles. Long and slim, these specially designed poles are designed to help skiers maintain their balance and gain extra speed as needed. When you’re choosing a pair, consider the design and size. Some poles are telescopic, which means that you can adjust them to suit your growing child. Others come in a fixed length; if you’re choosing this type of pole, be sure to double-check that you’re selecting the best option for your child’s height. The correct length ensures that your little one can use the poles effectively. 

1. Salomon Kaloo Junior Alpine Ski Poles

Salomon Kaloo Junior Alpine Ski Poles

These Kaloo poles from Salomon are engineered with kids in mind to ensure maximum efficiency. The grips are designed to fit into small hands, and the adjustable straps are easy to tighten around your little one’s gloves. Best of all, the aluminum shafts are ultra-strong — that means that they provide ample support and help build your child’s confidence. Plus, since they’re lightweight, these poles are a breeze for kids to lift.

2. K2 Sprout Girls’ Ski Poles

K2 Sprout Girls’ Kids Ski Poles

Delight your little skier with these adorable K2 Sprout poles. A multicolored pattern extends down from the handles, adding an element of fun to a day on the slopes. The aluminum shafts are adjustable, so you can move them up and down until you find a comfortable height for your little one. The rubber handles are easy to grip, and the adjustable straps fit neatly around your child’s wrists for security.

3. WSD Ski Poles

WSD Kids Ski Poles

Save space in your gear closet with these WSD ski poles. They feature a telescoping design, so you can collapse them down for easier storage and transportation. Plus, since they extend from 32 inches to 42 inches, it’s a breeze to find a length that suits your child as they grow. Simply flip the lever-lock into place, and the poles retain your chosen settings. The built-in baskets offer extra stability on the snow, and the handy straps help prevent your skier from losing the poles.

4. K2 Charm Girls’ Ski Poles

K2 Charm Girls’ Kids Ski Poles

Fun and brightly colored, these K2 Charm ski poles make every run more fun. The aluminum shaft is lightweight and easy to maneuver; it’s also tough enough to withstand the stress of frequent skiing. The textured rubber grip is easy to hold, even when your child is wearing thick gloves. For effortless transport, click these poles together using the botched baskets. 

5. K2 Kid’s Sprout Big Boys’ Adjustable Ski Poles

K2 Kid's Sprout Big Boys' Adjustable Ski Poles

Get your child ready for ski season with these Sprout ski poles from K2. Designed with adjustable shafts, these poles slide in and out until you find the perfect height. When your child is ready to ride, the Lockjaw grip holds the sliding sections firmly in place. Small baskets on the bottom help your child stay in control, and the contoured rubber grips are easy for small hands to grasp.

6. Volkl Phantastick Junior Poles

Volkl Phantastick Junior/Kids Ski Poles

Help your child make a splash on the slopes with these vibrant Volkl Phantastick ski poles. They’re designed specifically for young skiers; the aluminum shaft is light and easy to use for little skiers, and the nylon strap helps kids keep a grip on the poles after a fall. On the bottom, a durable basket makes these poles a good choice for all types of mountain skiing.

7. Rossignol Tactic Jr Ski Poles Kid’s

Rossignol Tactic Jr Ski Poles Kid's

Durable and lightweight, these Rossignol Tactic Jr. ski poles are a great choice for kids who are learning to ski. They’re made with a Dural shaft and a steel tip, so they stand up to long, active days on the hill. This pair comes with small baskets that help prevent the poles from sinking too far into the snow as your little one learns.

8. Volkl 2020 Speedstick Junior Ski Poles

Volkl 2020 Speedstick Junior/Kids Ski Poles

Outfit your growing skier with these 2020 Speedstick ski poles from Volkl. Fabricated with a durable shaft and a soft-touch grip, each one is easy to lift and maneuver when your child is traveling at high speeds. The black color pairs easily with most gear colors; a must for fashion-conscious kids. Keep in mind that these poles are fixed; be sure to check that you’re choosing the right length for your little one.

9. K2 Decoy Ski Pole 2020

K2 Decoy Kids Ski Poles 2020

Do you need to travel to get to the nearest ski hill? These K2 Decoy ski poles can help. They break down into two compact sections, so you can tuck them into a suitcase or the back of the car. Rely on the aluminum construction for ample support, and trust the rubber handles to maximize your child’s grip. With their versatile design, these poles are ideal for all types of mountain riding.

10. Masters Unlimited Junior Poles

Masters Unlimited Junior/Kids Ski Poles

Need affordable ski poles for your child? This pair from Masters Unlimited is a great option. It comes in a fixed length, making it a good choice for children who are just learning to ski with poles. The aluminum alloy shaft is tough, and the slim diameter is tough but easy to carry. Use these poles with or without the baskets to suit any type of slope.

A well-made pair of ski poles can help your child build their skills on the slopes. By choosing the correct design and size for your little one’s height, skill level, and terrain type, you can make it easier to tackle new terrain.

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