10 Best Cheap Women’s Ski Helmets

When heading to the slopes, cheap women’s ski helmets provide the affordable head protection necessary to stay safe. Collisions and falls are a serious threat to skiers and proper head protection is essential to eliminate or reduce the severity of any head injury. A proper fitting ski helmet offers impact resistance and warmth for a safe and comfortable day at the slopes. All skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels should be wearing head protection every time they hit the slopes. These 10 women’s ski helmets offer excellent protection without breaking the bank.

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1. Akaso Ski Helmet

akaso-ski-helmet-cheap-womens-ski-helmetsThis low-cost women’s ski helmet by Akaso offers affordable head protection while skiing. A removable fleece liner and ear flaps combined with adjustable vents provide warmth and comfort in all types of conditions. The liner is washable to keep it sweat free and clean. A tension dial on the back of the helmet adjusts for a custom fit. A goggle loop on the back of the helmet snaps down to keep goggles in place.

2. OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet

outdoormaster-ski-helmet-cheap-womens-ski-helmetsThis low-cost ski helmet from OutdoorMaster does not skimp on safety. An ABS shell is bonded with a EPS core for shock absorption and increased safety. This helmet is fully adjustable for the perfect fit. Ventilation is top of the line with 14 vents to provide comfort no matter the weather.

3. Huntvp Ski Helmet

outdoormaster-ski-helmet-cheap-womens-ski-helmets-cheap-womens-ski-helmetsThis affordable ski helmet from Huntvp is made of one-piece molded PC and EPS for top-notch performance. Adjustable vents provide breathability and comfort. Open vents allow for increased airflow in warmer weather and closed vents provide protection from the wind. Earflaps and liner are removable and washable.

4. Traverse Dirus 2-in-1 convertible ski/ bike helmet

traverse-dirus-2-in-1-convertible-ski-bike-helmet-cheap-womens-ski-helmets-cheap-womens-ski-helmetsThis affordable women’s ski helmet from Traverse converts to a bike helmet for year-round usage. An ABS shell combined with an EPS interior provides excellent shock absorption and 10 vents provide comfort in all conditions. A rear goggle clip keeps goggles in place and the fleece earmuffs are removable. An adjustment dial provides custom fit. Additional padding is included to convert the ski helmet to a bike helmet.

5. SunVP Ski Helmet

sunvp-ski-helmet-cheap-womens-ski-helmetsThis cheap ski helmet from SunVP provides superior low temperature impact resistance with a lightweight molded construction. Soft lining and earflaps provide all-day comfort and warmth and are removable and washable. A windshield button allows for adjustable ventilation in a variety of conditions. This lightweight, affordable helmet provides protection and comfort for a day on the slopes.

6. SunVP Ski Helmet Ultralight

sunvp-ski-helmet-ultralight-cheap-womens-ski-helmetsThis SunVP ultralight ski helmet for women provides superior impact protection without the added weight allowing for all-day comfort. The helmet is constructed on one-piece molded PC and EPS for high impact protection. A rear goggle strap ensures goggles stay where they belong. A soft, removable liner and ear flaps provide warmth and comfort.

7. Avanigo Ski Helmet

avanigo-ski-helmet-cheap-womens-ski-helmetsThe Avanigo ski helmet is affordable without sacrificing safety and comfort. The helmet is constructed of two reinforced layers of ABS and EPS for increased impact resistance. A soft, removable liner combined with adjustable vents provide heat control no matter what the weather. A padded chin strap and goggle loop provide functional comfort for a day on the slopes.

8. Gonex Ski Helmet

gonex-ski-helmet-cheap-womens-ski-helmetsThis ski helmet from Gonex provides superior protection at an affordable price. A hard shell of molded polycarbonate combined with an EPS core provide excellent shock absorption and impact resistance to keep your head safe. A size adjustment dial keeps ensure proper fit. Four adjustable vents on the top of the helmet provide all-weather comfort and four rear vents allow for breathability and heat control. This helmet is compatible with all Gonex goggles.

9. Lucky Bums Alpine Series Helmet

lucky-bums-alpine-series-helmet-cheap-womens-ski-helmets-cheap-womens-ski-helmetsThe Alpine series helmets from Lucky Bums offer low-cost comfort and protection in a lightweight helmet. Molded construction with a fused EPS lining provides impact resistance. The helmet is designed to be breathable with 12 vents providing heat control in all conditions. A goggle loop keeps your goggles in place and drop-in ear flaps allow you to use wireless speakers to listen to tunes on the slopes. The helmet comes in four colors for stylish protection.

10. Traverse Vigilis 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet

traverse-vigilis-2-in-1-convertible-ski-snowboard-bike-skate-helmet-cheap-womens-ski-helmetsThis cheap women’s convertible helmet comes in nine colors to provide fashionable head protection all year long. The helmet has 14 vents to allow for temperature regulation. Removable earflaps provide warmth and comfort in all conditions. A rear Ergo knob adjustable dial allows for a custom fit with the turn of a dial. Replaceable foam pieces convert the ski helmet into a bike or skate helmet.

The ski helmet may be the most important piece of equipment you take with you to the mountain. Offering warmth and protection, ski helmets ensure you stay safe on the slopes. These 10 cheap women’s ski helmets offer great protection at an affordable price.

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