30 Best Apps for Skiers & Snowboarders

Need to find your friends on the slopes, track your stats, or find up-to-the-minute weather information? There’s an app for that! From an outdoor safety app to a social media platform for winter athletes, keep scrolling for the 30 best apps for skiers and snowboarders.

Cairn: Hiking & Outdoor Trails (Android and iOS, Free)

Cairn is a must-have app for anyone who spends ample time outdoors. The app allows users to:

  • share their plans with friends and family back home
  • download offline maps
  • find spots with cell coverage
  • see stats on an intended route

Additionally, Cairn allows people on one’s list of Safety Contacts to find their location on a map, and provides rescue advice in the event the user is in need of help.

Carv Digital Ski Coach (iOS: Free, $299 Tracking Device & Inserts)

The Sunday Times recently called the Carv Digital Ski Coach app “a game changer.” As the user skis, Carv tracks and measures their:

  • max speed
  • average speed
  • distance
  • descent
  • number of runs
  • number of turns, and much more

At the end of the day, Carv puts together a detailed activity map with performance data. Finally, users can compare their stats with those of their friends. The app works with a wearable tracking device that’s inserted into any ski boot.

Chilly Snow (Android and iOS, Free)

Chilly Snow is a game that’s perfect for waiting in line, commuting on a train or plane, or just biding one’s time between snow seasons. The purpose of this simple, yet addictive game is to ski through the endless powder as far as one can without hitting trees or other obstacles.

EpicMix (Android and iOS, Free)

EpicMix is the official app of 15 popular ski resorts in the U.S. and Canada, including:

  • Breckenridge
  • Heavenly
  • Keystone
  • Northstar
  • Stowe, to name a few

The free app is most helpful to anyone with a lift ticket or pass to one of the participating resorts. Once downloaded, EpicMix can be used to view professional photos, compare one’s vertical feet with those of friends, keep track of current lift line times, and check up-to-the-minute weather conditions.

EXA Ski Tracker (Android and iOS, Free)

The EXA Ski Tracker app is a useful application for anyone who skis, snowboards, or participates in any other winter activity. The app allows users to track their maximum speeds and distances. An interactive map can be marked with the user’s location or intended trail. End-of-day statistics can be used to compare or improve.

FATMAP: Ski, Hike, Bike Maps (Android and iOS, Free)

The FATMAP app provides users with the most advanced 3D outdoor map on the market. FATMAP allows skiers to look at accurate maps to:

  • plan a route in detail
  • share their routes
  • follow the routes of other users

The “Follow” function helps one to navigate trails while skiing (or biking or hiking), while another function locates the user on the map at any given time.

FIS App (Android and iOS, Free)

This app from the Federation Internationale de Ski provides ski and snowboard fans with all of the information they need to follow FIS events. Features include:

  • live timing and results
  • photo galleries
  • athlete info
  • highlight videos

It covers the World Championships, World Cup, Continental Cup, and even Junior events.

Jollyturns Ski & Snowboarding (Android and iOS, Free)

Jollyturns Ski & Snowboarding app offers users detailed information about more than 2,700 ski resorts on five continents. Users can look up:

  • local weather
  • nearby lodges and restaurants
  • ski runs
  • weather and snow information

A tracker tracks the users’ statistics and allows them to share with friends and family. A separate trackers allows the user to locate others anywhere at a resort.

Liftopia Lift Tickets (Android and iOS, Free)

A must-have app for any active skier, Liftopia allows users to purchase discount lift tickets directly from their iPhone or Android. Hundreds of ski resorts from around the world are represented on the app, ensuring that users always have the best options.

Maprika (Android and iOS, Free)

Maprika has been called “the best mapping solution for ski resorts, parks, and campuses.” The app works by putting a “You Are Here” sign on “paper” maps identical to the ones handed out at ski resort ticket windows or information booths. Users can navigate ski areas, record GPS tracks, share their location, and even keep track of weather and snow reports.

Off-Grid GPS (Android, Free)

Off-Grid GPS is an Android app that allows users to access GPS even when they’re in an area in which mobile data isn’t reliable. Perfect for those skiing off-trail or cross-country skiers, Off-Grid GPS tracks multiple locations simultaneously. It tells the user how far away locations are (and whether the user is getting closer or farther away).  It does this all in airplane mode or when there isn’t a signal.

OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report (Android and iOS, Free)

The OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report app is associated with the popular OnTheSnow website. The app provides users with daily snow reports and up-to-the-minute conditions of slopes from more than 2,000 ski areas worldwide. Users can:

  • keep track of their favorite resorts
  • check out live webcams
  • check out weather forecasts
  • view and upload photos.

OpenSnow (Android and iOS, Free)

OpenSnow is already a favorite resource for skiers and snowboarders, and that makes this app a must-have for any winter athlete. The app provides users with:

  • snow reports
  • live cams for more than 2,000 mountain locations around the world
  • weather forecasts
  • favorite trail maps, among lots of other features.

PeakFinder AR (Android and iOS, $4.99)

PeakFinder is an award-winning app that does exactly what its name implies — it locates and provides information about mountain peaks! The app holds information about more than 650,000 peaks worldwide. It  provides users with:

  • images
  • real-time renderings of the surrounding landscapes
  • info about the solar and lunar orbit with rise and set times, among other features.

Ramblr (Android and iOS, Free)

The Ramblr app for Android and iOS is like a social media outlet for skiers, snowboarders, and other outdoor adventurers. Through the app, the user can:

  • track their route on a map
  • track statistics
  • record video and photos
  • share their information with friends and family.

Ski Buddy – Your Ski Tracker (iOS, Free)

The Ski Buddy app allows skiers to track their data while they’re on the slopes. Using the app is as simple as keeping one’s phone in a pocket while they ski. The app then records speed, altitude, slope, and total distance. The app will even store photos taken throughout the day.

Ski Tracker & Snow Forecast (iOS, $2.99)

The app Ski Tracker & Snow Forecast makes it easier for skiers and snowboarders to:

  • keep track of their stats
  • track each and every run
  • stay up-to-date on all weather in the U.S.A.

Data can be saved to the cloud and even shared between devices.

Ski Tracks (Android and iOS, $0.99)

Ski Tracks is one of the most downloaded skiing apps on the market. The award-winning app records one’s entire day on the slopes, then allows users to compare their mountain experiences with friends.

SkiFit (Android and iOS, Free)

SkiFit is an app that was developed in Chamonix by La Clinique du Sport. The app provides users with four guided one-hour workouts made up of more than 100 ski-specific exercises. The entire SkiFit program lasts eight weeks, and is designed to be done at home. Those who follow the program will find that they:

  • improve their skiing performance
  • protect themselves against injury
  • develop their strength, balance, and endurance.

SkiLynx (Android and iOS, $2.99)

SkiLynx makes it easy for skiers to keep up with friends and family while spending the day out on the slopes. Users can create a private ski group for the day, then use the app to find out exactly which run or lift another user in their group is on. Users within a group can even use the app to chat to each other.

SkiResort.info (Android and iOS, Free)

According to the app itself, no resource has more information about ski resorts than the SkiResort.info app! This helpful app provides detailed information about 5,000 ski resorts worldwide. Features include:

  • up-to-date slope, lift, and price information
  • current snow reports and snow depths
  • route planners
  • webcams and livestreams and more.

Slopes: Ski & Snowboard (iOS, Free)

Slopes is an experience-tracking app for skiers and snowboarders. Just by leaving your phone in your pocket, you can:

  • track every lift and run taken
  • compare personal stats and records
  • compete against friends, among other things.

SnoCountry Ski & Snow Report (Android and iOS, Free)

SnoCountry Ski & Snow Report is one of the most popular apps for skiers and snowboarders. It provides helpful information, snow conditions, and news about the industry and its leading characters. Ski resorts worldwide are represented on the app, which also includes:

  • webcams
  • weather forecasts
  • a photo-sharing community.

SNOCRU Skiing & Snow Tracking (Android and iOS, Free)

SNOCRU has been called the “#1 best snowsports app” by Snowboard Magazine, Wired Magazine, Tech Cocktail, SKI Magazine, and Freeskier Magazine. App users can put together a DAYCRU to track alongside friends over the course of a day on the slopes. They can measure their own speed, runs, distance, and more. Other app features include:

  • snow conditions from around the world
  • weather forecasts
  • a directory of the best apres-ski party scenes.

Snow-Forecast (Android and iOS, Free)

Just as its name suggests, the Snow-Forecast app helps users to find the best snow conditions on a mountain, plus monitor all one’s favorite resorts. The app’s database has more than 3,100 resorts worldwide, so app users can track their most frequently visited destinations worldwide. Snow forecasts are updated every four hours, and a live resort webcam allows users to check out the action from wherever they are.

Snowboard Party (Android and iOS, Free)

Snow season is never long enough, but thanks to the app Snowboard Party, snowboarders can experience the thrill of the sport anytime they want, right on their phone. This game consists of 21 unique mountain locations, and players can jump, race, and freestyle their way through 32 achievements and 105 level objectives.

Snowledge: Ski & Snow Tracker (Android and iOS, Free)

This free app promises to help skiers and riders get the most out of their ski day. Snowledge uses GPS to track one’s day of speed, runs, elevation, and vertical feet, plus any photos taken throughout the day. Other features allow the users to:

  • locate friends
  • track weather patterns
  • view vital resort-specific information such as parking, ticket pricing, and any current deals.

snoww (Android and iOS, Free)

snoww is a social app that allows skiers and snowboarders to follow friends, compare statistics, and climb one’s way to the top of the leaderboard. Features of the app allow the user to:

  • see where friends are skiing
  • record their personal stats and compare them over time
  • follow their favorite pros.

Trace Snow – Ski + Snowboard (Android and iOS, Free)

The most used and highest-rated app for winter sports, Trace Snow allows users to track their day on the mountain by measuring:

  • speed
  • distance
  • airtime
  • vertical
  • calories, among other things.

Winter Survival Kit (Android and iOS, Free)

Winter Survival Kit is another app that prioritizes the users safety. This must-have application helps users to:

  • find their current location
  • keep in touch with friends and family
  • call 911

It also provides the user with valuable information that can be used in the event of an emergency, such as how long it is safe to run a car engine in order to keep warm.

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