Top 10 Best Cheap Boot Bags for Snowboard Boots

Best Cheap Boot Bags for Snowboard Boots

If you’re an avid snowboarder, you know how important it is to get the best snowboard boot bag you can find. But are pricier brands worth the money? In this review, we take a look at ten bags that prove less is more when you’re shopping for bags to store your snowboard boots. 

Following the review, we’ve got a few shopping tips that can help you determine the best features to look for if you’re in the market for a new snowboard boot bag. 

Athalon Everything Boot Bag/Backpack

Best Cheap Boot Bags for Snowboard Boots - Athalon Everything Boot Bag/Backpack

Athalon’s Everything Boot Bag is one of our top choices due to its versatility. This all-in-one solution for your next adventure features lots of storage and quickly converts into a comfortable backpack so you can transport your gear with ease.

Your ski boots fit neatly in the zippered and ventilated side compartments, while a center compartment is large enough to hold a helmet, jacket, or other bulky items. It’s loaded with pockets, each with a clip to hold small accessories like keys, gloves, and goggles. And a front MP3 pocket with a headphone port ensures you have easy access to your favorite tunes on the go. 

The bottom of the bag has four drainage grommets and is made of durable waterproof PVC. The front features a bungee cord to hold additional clothing layers, and the reflective piping is a nice safety feature. The designers had comfort in mind when they created this bag—four padded lumbar back pads and padded backpack straps offer a cushioned fit. 

This awesome inexpensive ski boot bag is available in a wide range of eye-catching colors and patterns, so finding the perfect one for yourself or as a gift should be easy.  

Element Equipment Boot Bag Deluxe 

Best Cheap Boot Bags for Snowboard Boots - Element Equipment Boot Bag Deluxe

Similar to Athatlon’s Everything Boot Bag, Element Equipment’s Deluxe Bag is a low-cost backpack-style bag. A fully padded back panel ensures that you can transport your boots without them digging into your back. Plus, the cushioned, tuck-away straps make bag-checking easy when traveling to and from the mountain.

There are plenty of pockets in this model for those with lots of stuff—keys, lift passes, wallets, and sunscreen stash away neatly for easy access. A special fleece-lined pocket for your goggles keeps them from getting scratched, and the bag features a clear cardholder for a business card or nametag.

Inside, there’s plenty of room for your boots plus a helmet, jacket, gloves, and other necessities. Rugged and long-lasting, the bag features a padded and reinforced bottom and double stitching. Your gear will stay warm and dry, thanks to the 600D Oxford PVC Coated Polyester construction. 

Pictured here is the Diamond pattern. However, the bag is available in several other options, including red, blue, gray, black, and a cool Aztec design. 

Sukoa Sports Ski Boot Bag Backpack

Best Cheap Boot Bags for Snowboard Boots - Sukoa Sports Ski Boot Bag Backpack

Next up is the cheap but rugged ski boot backpack from Sukoa Sports. Sukoa bills this as the only ski boot luggage travel bag you will ever need, and it’s easy to see why. Brilliantly designed, this bag is super-spacious, with plenty of room in the three separate compartments for your boots, snow pants, jacket, helmet, and more. 

Intentionally crafted with ergonomics in mind, the wide, padded shoulder straps are adjustable so you can position the bag for the most comfortable fit. The reinforced back support of this vertically-designed bag ensures better posture, letting you enjoy your trip rather than straining under the weight of your gear.

Our favorite thing about this bag is its fantastic versatility. When you’re not planning on hitting the slopes, the bag doubles as the perfect carry-on. However, there are a couple of downsides to mention. Although the boot compartment is lined with a waterproof coating, there are no drainage grommets, so you will need to make sure your boots are reasonably dry before you throw them in.

The second con of this bag is that there are no extra accessory pockets for keys, sunscreen, and other small items other than the three main compartments. However, it does feature side straps for hanging a spare sweatshirt or gloves. And if this bag will be exposed to the elements a lot, you’ll be happy to know its equipped with large, weather-resistant zippers for easy access to your stuff. 

High Sierra Ski/Snowboard Boot Bag Backpack

Best Cheap Boot Bags for Snowboard Boots - High Sierra Ski/Snowboard Boot Bag Backpack

High Sierra’s snowboard boot bag may be cheap, but that doesn’t mean you should bypass this excellent choice. The main U-shaped compartment will easily fit up to a size 13 boot with room to spare for your helmet, jacket, and other gear. Plus, it’s made with diamond ripstop nylon so it can take a beating.

Boots are accessed from the bag’s side via two zippered compartments equipped with drainage grommets. The padded backpack straps are adjustable, and if you need to grab the bag fast, there’s a webbing handle on top for convenience. 

This is a bare-bones basic model with no bells or whistles, and other than the main storage compartment, there are no extra pockets for carrying accessories. Additionally, the back is not padded, so if you plan on doing a lot of walking, you’ll want to ball up a jacket inside so your boots don’t hit your back. However, for frequent travelers, this lightweight option is easy to transport and weighs under a pound.

In addition to black, the bag is available in blue, gray, and two stylish patterns for those who like to make a statement.

OutdoorMaster Lynx Ski Boot Backpack with Helmet Compartment

Best Cheap Boot Bags for Snowboard Boots - OutdoorMaster Lynx Ski Boot Backpack with Helmet Compartment

If you’re looking for a cheap high-capacity ski boot bag, OutdoorMaster’s Linx model has you covered. It features a spacious zippered boot compartment accessed on the back and a separate top compartment for your helmet. The boot section is big enough for extras like your jacket, gloves, goggles, and other items.

In addition to the two large compartments, you can store all your smaller accessories in the four pockets—two on the front of the bag and one on each exterior side. 

One of the things customers favor about this particular bag is that it’s ideal for flying. It fits easily in most commercial overhead compartments and can do double-duty as a day-trip backpack during your travels. Plus, it’s suitable for everyone in the family and comes in four neutral colors.

The bag’s exterior and bottom are made with a high-quality 1680D waterproof nylon material that will keep your gear dry. The shoulder straps are adjustable, and the bag also features a chest strap that keeps it from moving around too much while wearing. 

Athletico Ski Boot Bag

Best Cheap Boot Bags for Snowboard Boots - Athletico Ski Boot Bag

Athletico’s reasonably-priced bag has a lot going for it. As one of the most functional bags on our list, it can be used for travel on and off the slopes. And with plenty of room for your boots, helmet, jacket, gloves, goggles, and even a spare set of dry clothes, the Athletico will serve you well for years to come.

The bag has multiple storage pockets, including one for your phone, and an internal clip will keep your keys handy. The roomy main compartment is accessed from the top, with zippered vented boot storage on either side of the bag. The boot compartments also feature grommets for drainage, so you don’t need to worry about water collecting at the bottom. 

In addition to padded lumbar support, the bag boasts ergonomic sternum straps that can be tucked away in the zippered pocket. Speaking of straps, the Athletico also features a padded top handle, making it more comfortable to hand-carry than many other models.

We’re kind of partial to the buffalo plaid, but if the campy design isn’t your thing, you can order this great bag in solid blue or black as well.

Athalon Kids Personalizeable Tri-Athalon Ski/Snowboard Boot Bag

Best Cheap Boot Bags for Snowboard Boots - Athalon Kids Personalizeable Tri-Athalon Ski/Snowboard Boot Bag

Not wanting to leave out the younger snowboarders, we had a look at Athalon’s Tri-Athalon Bag for kids, and we’re happy to say the design and size of this cheap bag are excellent. As you might expect, it’s identical to Athalon’s Adult Tri-Athalon Bag, only smaller, so it’s easier for little ones (think ages five to nine) to carry around themselves. 

The honeycomb ripstop weave is strong and durable, yet lightweight. Padded straps and lumbar back pads make it comfortable for kids to wear, and the straps themselves are hidden so that you can convert it easily from a backpack to a carry bag. Boots go on the sides, while the middle compartment is designed to hold a helmet, jacket, gloves, and other items.

Besides excellent craftsmanship, one of the main attractions of this bag is that kids can personalize it themselves. Just draw or write on the reflective top panel with any permanent marker. While kids love this fun feature, parents appreciate it too, especially at the end of a long day at the slopes where everyone’s bag starts to look the same. 

The Athalon Personalizeable Tri-Athalon Bag is available in solid colors with gray stripes in lime green, pink, navy, black, or purple. 

Unigear Ski Boot Bag/Travel Backpack

Best Cheap Boot Bags for Snowboard Boots - Unigear Ski Boot Bag/Travel Backpack

Getting all your gear to the slopes is a breeze with Unigear’s thoughtfully-designed ski boot bag. Like the OutdoorMaster Linx, this model’s vertical design is intended for comfortable transport, and the EVA padded mesh back panel will keep your boots from slamming you in the back as you walk.

Rugged and waterproof, the bag is made with a tarpaulin and 1050D nylon combo that stands up to frequent use, and because the bottom is fully lined, there’s no need to worry about water leaking through. Another handy stay-dry feature is that you can flip down the back door panel and use it as a protective standing mat when you’re changing in or out of your boots. 

As far as storing your gear goes, there’s plenty of room here, with a large back-entry zippered compartment for boots, a top helmet compartment, and a front clothing compartment. Internal and external zippered pockets provide a place for small items that would otherwise be misplaced. One hard-to-find feature of the Unigear bag is that it has external adjustable straps so you can attach your snowboard or skis. 

The bag is available in three colors and comes with a one-year satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy, you can contact Unigear for immediate help.

PENGDA Ski Boot Shoulder Bag

Best Cheap Boot Bags for Snowboard Boots - PENGDA Ski Boot Shoulder Bag

If a backpack-style boot bag isn’t your style, the PENGDA shoulder bag might be an ideal option. Not only is it the cheapest snow boot bag on our list, but it also gets the most points for being air-travel friendly. Plus, the lightweight and compact design make it easy to fold up and store when you don’t need it.

Two roomy compartments keep wet boots separate from the rest of your gear, and a reinforced, padded, adjustable shoulder strap makes the bag comfortable to carry. Optionally, it has a handle. If you want to be sure it doesn’t get lost among a sea of similar bags, you can personalize it using the handy name card.

Although this bag is less heavy-duty than some of the other options on our list, it’s still reasonably durable. It’s crafted from high-density polyester with a waterproof backing that keeps out the snow and slush, and it’s reinforced with double stitching and a lined interior. If the bag gets dirty, you can throw it right in the washing machine and hang it up to dry. 

XCMAN Ski/ Snowboard Boot Backpack Bag

Best Cheap Boot Bags for Snowboard Boots - XCMAN Ski/ Snowboard Boot Backpack Bag

If you’re willing to pay a little extra, XCMAN’s bag for ski and snowboard boots has all the features you would expect in a pricier bag. Store your boots via the ventilated side compartments and throw your helmet in the expanding mesh flap without taking up any more interior space.

The main compartment is accessed from the back zipper behind the helmet flap and is roomy enough for a jacket, ski pants, a spare set of clothes, etc. A shallow zippered compartment at the top can hold your googles, phone, wallet, keys, and other small items. The bag’s entire interior is lined with a waterproof material, and the bottom is made of waterproof PVC.

If you’re looking for comfort, the XCMAN has that too. The padded adjustable shoulder straps are made with neoprene, and there are four padded lumbar back cushions for extra comfort and support. The only thing we think XCMAN could have improved on would be the handle, which is not padded and will likely be uncomfortable if you plan to hand-carry the bag for any length of time. 

Other features include reflective piping on the front and sides for safety and visibility, drainage grommets, and clips in each pocket so you can store your items securely.

Best Cheap Boot Bags for Snowboard Boots

Shopping Guidelines for Choosing the Right Snowboard Boot Bag

If you don’t find something of interest on our list of the top bags for snowboard boots, you’ll want to strike out on your own and shop for something that works for you. But what should you look for? Let’s take a look at five essential things to consider before you swipe your card.


Since snowboard boot bags vary in size, you will need to determine the best one for your needs. Do you plan to carry boots only, or will you want your helmet and other gear to fit? Consider your boot size too. If the bag is so small that it won’t accommodate anything else, you might be unhappy with your choice. Also, if you’re planning on taking your boots on a plane as carry-on luggage, you will want to check with your airline to determine the maximum size for the overhead compartment before you make a final choice. 

Accessory Pockets

There are two kinds of people: Those who don’t care about accessory pockets and those who can’t live without them. If you fall in the latter group, you’ll want to make sure that the bag you choose has enough pockets to satisfy your obsession with organizing all your miscellaneous belongings. For those of you who haven’t thought of this yet, where else did you think you were going to put your keys, phone, lift pass, chapstick, sunscreen, mask, and hand sanitizer?


Snowboard boots aren’t known for being lightweight, and when you cram in the rest of you’re gear, you could be pushing your bag to its limits. Be sure the material used to construct the bag is strong and durable. Reinforced bottoms are terrific features to look for, as is double stitching. Don’t forget to check the zippers, too. They should be heavy-duty and weatherproof, easy to operate, and securely fastened.


If you will be lugging your bag around for any length of time, ergonomic features are a must. If there is no back padding, your boots can slam up against you as you’re walking, and if the straps don’t have any extra cushion, you’re going to be mighty sore at the end of the day. A few additional details like this can make all the difference.


No matter what your needs are, all snow eventually becomes water. Look for bags that will keep your stuff dry, and at the very least, find one with a waterproof compartment for the boots. The same goes for drainage grommets, which can save you from surprises like a puddle in the bottom of your bag. 


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