10 Best Cheap Adult Snowboard Goggles 2018

Goggles with anti-fog technology and ultraviolet light protection don’t have to blow up a budget. Seasoned snowboarders, sports enthusiasts, or first-timers can purchase an affordable pair of goggles that can withstand tough weather. Several styles allow the goggles to fit over prescription glasses.

Anti-fog layers are standard with sport goggles. To increase their longevity, clean the outer lenses with a soft cloth, air dry after use, store them in a pouch or case, and avoid getting fingerprints or makeup on the inner surface (oils interfere with the coating).

1. Outgeek UV Goggles

outgeek-uv-goggles-best-cheap-adult-snowboard-gogglesAffordable with practical features, Outgeek’s eco-friendly, cheap adult snowboard goggles boast UV400 protection and a side vent that prevents fogging. The scratch-resistant lens is both windproof and dustproof. The flexible, rubber frame is suitable and comfortable for a range of faces whether snowboarding, skiing, biking or motorcycling. The broad lens gives high visibility, cuts glare, and the perimeter foam reduces impact and molds the frame to the face for a secure fit. The adjustable strap is wide and stretches to accommodate helmets.

2. Feier Yusi Adult Professional Ski and Snowboard Goggles

feier-yusi-adult-professional-ski-and-snowboard-goggles-best-cheap-adult-snowboard-gogglesFeier’s low-cost adult snowboard goggles are designed to reduce glare, filter bright light, and protect against sand and wind. The tinted plastic lens has 100 percent UV protection and resists fogging. The frame’s flexibility reduces cracking and improves comfort. Five air slots ensure proper ventilation and optimize visibility for water, snow, and land sports. The notched foam molds to the face, and the single strap has one adjustment buckle for quick and easy fitting.

3. Vilisun Eyeglass-compatible Goggles

vilisun-eyeglass-compatible-goggles-best-cheap-adult-snowboard-gogglesVilisun sport and snowboard goggles for adults are a low-cost alternative that doesn’t skimp on the quality. An almost 8-inch frame and nearly 2-inch lens length offers 180 degrees of scope. It’s one of the highest visibility ranges in adult ski goggles. The elastic band has an anti-slip grip with one adjustment buckle and is compatible with all helmets and ski masks. Air vents in the frame cut down fogging and the UV coating on the double lens provides maximum protection. Prescription lenses sit just inside the three layers of soft foam, allowing them to be worn under the durable flexible frame. The goggles are suitable for bright and dark conditions in various weather for snow sports, paintball, cycling, and water sports.

4. Snowledge Frameless Exchangeable Lens Goggles

snowledge-frameless-exchangeable-lens-gogglesIf you need adult snowboard goggles that can be changed to suit the light conditions and weather without costing a fortune, Snowledge has the solution. The lens-exchange system allows different lenses with unique specifications to be switched for bright sun, partial cloudiness, and full cloud cover. Each double lens is treated with an anti-fog coating and have little more than 8 inches of length and about four inches of width for a full view. The goggle frames have a wide elastic that accommodates all helmets.

5. HybLc Snowboard Spherical Lens

hyblc-snowboard-spherical-lens-best-cheap-adult-snowboard-gogglesHybLc’s cost-effective adult ski goggles have a frameless design which gives an unobstructed view. The broad adjustable strap has no-slip silicone grips and is extra long to fit all snowboard and ski helmets on the market. Triple layers of foam warm the face and brings comfort for a long wear. Vents on the front facilitate anti-fogging and allow hot air to escape the top and cool air to circulate from the bottom. The double mirror lenses have UV400 protection. The lens color provides 19% visible light transmission, and the ample room allows prescription glasses to be worn underneath. The company stands by its product and offers a 30 day money-back guarantee.

6. Feier Yusi Adult Ski and Snowboard Goggles

feier-yusi-adult-ski-and-snowboard-goggles-best-cheap-adult-snowboard-gogglesStylish and durable, Feier Yusi’s low-cost snowboard goggles are anti-fog and anti-glare with four top vent holes for air circulation. An elastic, no-slip strap adjusts to fit most ages and helmet sizes. The flexible frame is anti-scratch and is multi-purpose for a variety of sports in any season or weather, though they are primarily designed for the slopes. Notched foam padding molds comfortably to the face and the lenses are treated to reduce glare and UV infiltration.

7. HiCool Ski, Snowboard, and Skating Goggles

hicool-ski-snowboard-and-skating-goggles-best-cheap-adult-snowboard-gogglesHiCool’s cheap snowboard goggles for adults has a face-forming arc design to maximize comfort and fit. Frameless, anti-fog, UV400 mirrored lenses are detachable from the flexible, spherical form which has holes in the top and bottom to circulate hot and cool air to increase ventilation. A quick-release adjustable strap fits most helmets. The thick, three-layer padding keeps the face warm and elements out. Lenses come in a variety of colors to suit the desired reduction of light penetration for all weather conditions.

8. Fylina Dual Lens Snowboard Goggles

fylina-dual-lens-snowboard-goggles-best-cheap-adult-snowboard-gogglesFylina proves that cheap adult goggles don’t have to compromise on the best features. The frame is flexible and durable with an adjustable strap. Detachable lenses offer customization for every need. Extra foam at the nose bridge eases pressure points and the venting system allows air to flow easily to reduce fogging. Dual layer lenses are 100 percent protected from UV penetration and have a broad, frameless unobstructed panoramic visual field with a little more than inches of width and 4 inches of height. The ample room in the design is compatible with prescription glasses.

9. Motoeye Anti-glare Snowboard Goggles

motoeye-anti-glare-snowboard-goggles-best-cheap-adult-snowboard-gogglesMotoeye’s durable adult snowboard goggles are inexpensive enough to fit any budget. They have an attractive curved design with a flexible frame and adjustable strap. The lens resists impact stress and is treated with an anti-fog and UV coating. The goggles effectively cut snow brightness and sun glare for snowboarding, skiing, and other outdoor sports. The goggles fit over most helmets, and their light construction means no extra weight. Vents allow adequate circulation and the foam forms a seal around the face.

10. Vilisun Snowboard Sport Goggles

vilisun-snowboard-sport-goggles-best-cheap-adult-snowboard-gogglesStylish and modern, Vilisun’s adult, scratch-proof snowboard goggles has a double, rimless lens with a panoramic visual field of 180 degrees. Three layers of thick foam and dual ventilation keeps the cool air circulating to reduce fogging and condensation. The long strap has anti-slip silicone and fits all helmets or can be worn without. The design accommodates glasses for a variety of outdoor sports on and off the slopes. The UV400 provides protection and anti-glare benefits.

Whether you are looking for an all-around goggle that can handle a multitude of sporting activities or want cheap adult snowboard goggles specifically for winter recreation, there are a many quality brands available for affordable prices.

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