15 Best Spyder Ski Jackets for Men

Many consider Spyder Ski Jackets for Men to be among the best high-end ski jackets available, offering high quality, comfort, and robust protection from the elements. Spyder jackets are stylish and uniquely designed, with optimal waterproofed insulation.

If you are interested in purchasing a Spyder Ski Jacket but aren’t sure where to begin, our list of the best Spyder ski jackets for men is an excellent starting point. 

But first, note that the prices may vary within the jacket types listed below, ranging from affordable Spyder jackets to more expensive styles, depending on size and color. So be sure to review available colors or patterns to determine price differences. 

1. Spyder Vanqysh GORE-TEX Insulated Ski Jacket—Editors Choice

The Spyder Vanqysh Ski Jacket for men is a stylish, slim-fitting, lightweight jacket with a warmth rating of 7 of 10 and a waterproofing rating of 9 of 10. In addition, the jacket, which is available in sharp lime or black, is insulated with 100 grams (g) PrimaLoft, a leading brand in synthetic insulations.

PrimaLoft fabrics are designed to provide the valuable properties of down materials while eliminating down’s bulk, heaviness, and lack of waterproofing. PrimaLoft provides you with attractive, popular styles while also offering optimal technical performance.

GORE-TEX is the perfect material when engaging in winter sports since it reliably keeps you warm and dry, even if you sweat. It’s also a highly durable water repellent (DWR) material.

Additional benefits include:

  • Fully taped seam design to help block out moisture and cold
  • Adjustable cuffs and multiple pockets
  • Removable hood
  • A Recco avalanche rescue reflector, which transmits a directional radar signal, to help ensure your safety in case of emergency

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2. Spyder Tripoint GORE-TEX Insulated Ski Jacket

The Spyder Tripoint GORE-TEX Ski Jacket for men has a no-frills mountain design that is somewhat less expensive than the Vanqysh jackets. The Tripoint is made to keep you warm and comfortable and has a mobile feel. This breathable, water-resistant jacket has two-layer stretchy polyester GORE-TEX laminate with a DWR coating and is insulated with 100g PrimaLock Black Eco Insulation with fully taped seams. 

The PrimaLoft insulation provides a core ventilation system to help cool you down and provides a superior warmth-to-weight ratio. In addition, this ski jacket is available in a variety of bold colors, including abyss (dark blue), volcano (dark red), black, scuba (light blue), and sharp lime.

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3. Spyder M Chambers GTX JKT

The Spyder M Chambers GTX JKT is a sporty jacket that costs less than the Tripoint jackets discussed above. This jacket has a two-layer stretch polyester plain weave that provides unrestricted mobility along with a perfect fit. It is available in a unique blocked design in ebony, volcano, toasted, and sharp lime. In addition, the GORE-TEX DWR coating and 80g PrimaLoft Black Eco will provide you with warm, comfortable, and weather-proofed protection on wet and icy days.

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4. Spyder Active Sports Leader GORE-TEX Insulated Ski Jacket

The Spyder Active Sports Leader GORE-TEX Insulated Ski Jacket for men tends to overlap with the cost of M Chambers jackets. The Active Sports Leader jackets have a two-layer stretch polyester plain weave, textured nylon with DWR GORE-TEX, and 110g PrimaLoft Silver Eco insulation. 

They also include a removable helmet-compatible hood with an adjustable opening and YKK AquaGuard water-repellent, water-tight hand, chest pocket, and center front zippers. This sporty ski jacket is designed for convenience with its multiple pockets for your gear and is available in several stylish colors, including volcano, bold glory (deep blue), and toasted.

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5. Spyder Orbiter GORE-TEX Insulated Ski Jacket

The Spyder Orbiter GORE-TEX Insulated Ski Jacket tends to be a bit more expensive than the Active Sports Leader line. However, this jacket has a relaxed, comfortable, light fit and is insulated with 80g PrimaLoft Silver Eco Insulation with underarm ventilation. The jacket’s seams are fully taped, and the DWR coating blocks out uncomfortable moisture and cold. The Orbiter rates 9 of 10 and 6 of 10 for waterproofing and warmth, respectively.

This ski jacket also offers plenty of pocket space with internal water-resistant YKK AquaGuard zippers. The Spyder Orbiter has an innovative technical design that uses a stretch weave with spacer shoulder paddings and interior stretch panels, providing unrestricted mobility. The design is not only technically optimal, but it also proves a modern look, coming in an array of vibrant accent colors.

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6. Spyder Active Sports Whistler GORE-TEX Ski Jacket 

The Spyder Active Sports Whistler GORE-TEX Ski Jacket is less expensive than the Orbiter line. It’s a new addition to the well-trusted Spyder Ski Jacket array of products. 

This jacket is made from a durable, water-repellent, stretch-recycled polyester plain weave with a waterproofing rating of 10K/10K. The latter indicates that you can wear this jacket for many hours on the slopes each day and remain dry for two to three hours if it begins to snow. (A jacket with a 15k waterproofing rating is even more waterproof than one that received a 10k rating.)

These ski jackets have a front-center zipper and a clean, casual sophistication with patches on the elbows and highly visible contrasting popping colors, such as volcano/black and sharp lime/black/gray.

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7. Spyder Tripoint GORE-TEX Insulated Ski Jacket

The Spyder Tripoint GORE-TEX Insulated Ski Jacket is an even more casual, sportier ski jacket that costs in the middle range of the Men’s Whistler line. It has a relaxed fit and fully taped seams with a DWR coating. Its 100g Primaloft insulation with Black Eno enables easy, rapid cool-down due to its core ventilation. It has a warmth rating of 7 of 10 and a waterproofing rating of 9 of 10.  

This jacket’s stretchy two-layer polyester fabric helps your mobility while keeping you warm and protected from the elements. These are available in several sharp solid colors, including scuba, volcano, and abyss.

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8. Spyder Pelmo Down Jacket

The Spyder Pelmo Down Jacket is one of the least expensive of the Spyder jackets. They are made of lightweight polyester, the Spyder Xttm DWR coating, and 550 fill power down. Often referred to as nature’s “perfect insulator,” down fibers are tiny, compressible, and can efficiently hold body heat. Rated by “power fill,” the higher the number of the power fill, the greater the quality and the greater its warmth.  

The Spyder Pelmo Down Jackets are warm, comfortable, and stylish. This jacket is a fashionable, mid-layer ski jacket for colder days if you plan to wear it as a fall, late winter, or early spring jacket in somewhat warmer climates. In addition, the jacket is sufficiently water-repellent to wear during spring skiing.

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9. Spyder Copper GORE-TEX Ski Jacket – Full-Zip Hooded Winter Coat

The Spyder Copper Gore-Tex Ski Jacket, which ranges greatly in price, is a durable, no-frills, zip-hooded winter coat. It repels water due to its GORE-TEX material, with 100g of PrimaLoft insulation to keep you warm during even the coldest winter weather.

The jacket has two layers of stretch polyester to increase mobility and underarm vents that help you cool down quickly as the weather gets warmer. In addition, this Copper GORE-TEX Ski Jacket comes in a range of vibrant colors and sizes that will appeal to anyone’s sense of style.

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10. Spyder Leader DTX

The Spyder Leader DTX also ranges significantly in price. It’s a hip jacket with two-layer GORE-TEX, a DWR coating, fully taped seams, and 100g of PrimaLoft Silver Eco insulation that provides water repellency and optimal warmth. It contains multiple zipped pockets for storage and adjustable hem and cuffs to ensure proper fit. The jacket has a sharp, slick, fashionable appearance that comes in an array of vivid color combinations.

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11. Spyder Soft-Shell Jacket

The Spyder Soft-Shell Jacket is a reasonably priced jacket for those who want to look sharp and stay warm and dry while keeping to their budget. The jacket has a polyester stretch soft-shell material with spandex and Spyder Xttm DWR coating. Plus, it sports a proprietary ultra-thin laminate membrane that ensures water repellency and fabric breathability. 

Its fabric is thinner than other brands’ soft-shell jackets. But the jacket is waterproof and water-resistant so that you don’t have to worry about getting soaked on a rainy day.

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12. Spyder Titan Gore-TEX Insulated Ski Jacket Black

The Spyder Titan GORE-TEX Insulated Ski Jacket Black is a relatively inexpensive waterproof, breathable, durable GORE-TEX skin jacket perfect for any winter sport. It has 80g PrimaLoft Silver Eco insulation with a soft, silky texture similar to goose down that provides comforting warmth and water resistance.  

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13. Spyder Active Sports Lodge Insulated Ski Jacket

The Spyder Active Sports Lodge Insulated Ski Jacket, which comes in varying prices and a wide range of vivid color combinations, comprises stretch recycled polyester plain weave with 10K/10K laminate (discussed above) that is water-repellant. In addition, the jacket’s body and sleeves have 3M recycled 100g Thinsulate insulation, whereas the hood and collar use 3M recycled 60g Thinsulate insulation. The least expensive of these jackets are incredibly reasonable, so be sure to look at the colors you wish carefully. 

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14. Spyder Monterosa GORE-TEX Insulated Ski Jacket

The Spyder Monterosa GORE-TEX Insulated Ski Jacket for men is an extremely high-end jacket at the top price ranges seen with this brand. The jackets have a GORE-TEX DWR coating, fully taped seams to lock out moisture and cold, and 80g Primaloft Gold insulation for enhanced heat retention. 

The Monterosas feel lightweight and comfortable. They provide you with a sporty look yet a tailored design that is stylish even when you’re not skiing, snowboarding, or involved in other winter sports.

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15. Spyder Glissade Hybrid Insulator Jacket

The Spyder Glissade Hybrid Insulator Jacket is one of the least expensive options in the Spyder line. The Glissade Hybrid jackets use recycled durable nylon and combine PrimaLoft Silver Eco 60g insulation with double-weave fleece panes and a DWR coating for optimal waterproofing and warmth. 

These jackets have a warmth rating of 5 of 10 and a waterproofing rating of 1 of 10. They have a casual, relaxed look and are designed with a combination of bold black and blue colors.

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In Conclusion

No matter what your decision, you can be confident that any Spyder ski jacket you choose will be top-notch in quality, help you look stylish on the slopes, and consistently keep you warm and dry in the nastiest weather. Best of all, there are plenty of options to express your sense of style, and they come in a range of prices so you can get the best value within your budget.

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