10 Best Cheap Youth Snowboard Goggles

By SGS Staff
April 2019

This article reviews the 10 best cheap youth snowboard goggles.

As long as your child can walk and has a good sense of balance, it’s never too early for a snowboard lesson. Your kids need the same gear that adults do, including a board that is the right size and a pair of goggles. Goggles serve a few purposes on the slopes. They have a dark tint that blocks out the rays of the sun to keep your child’s eyes from burning. That darkness can also help your child focus on the trail and block debris that comes off the slopes. With any of the 10 best cheap youth snowboard goggles, you can save money on a pair for your son or daughter.

1. Zionor Lagopus Snowboard Goggles

Zionor Lagopus Cheap Youth Snowboard Goggles

The ventilation system on this pair of goggles allows more air to flow around your child’s head and reduces the chances of overheating. An anti-scratch coating on the top of the lenses will prevent scratches as your child falls off his or her board. The goggles have a longer strap on the back that adjusts to fit the child’s head. This pair comes with double lenses and can fit some smaller adult heads.

2. OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

OutdoorMaster OTG Cheap Youth Snowboard Goggles

Whether your child wears glasses to see or likes wearing sunglasses outside, these goggles are a good choice. They have a larger and oversize design that will fit over the glasses without causing any pinching or discomfort. The lenses have an anti-fog design that won’t fog up as the temperature changes and a high UV rating that protects your child’s eyes from damage caused by the sun. This pair comes with a one-year warranty and a storage pouch.

3. COOLOO Ski Goggles

COOLOO Cheap Youth Snowboard Goggles

When you have multiple kids in your family or just want to keep a backup pair on hand, you can choose this set of two snowboard goggles. The anti-glare lenses allow kids to see clearly but also blocks out some of the sun’s rays and reduces the glare they would otherwise see. These goggles are also wind-resistant and can keep the wind from whipping against your child’s skin. With 400 UV protection, these are among the most protective youth snowboard goggles.

4. LJDJ Ski Goggles

LJDJ Cheap Youth Snowboard Goggles

Design for kids who love snowboarding and skiing, these goggles come in some fun designs. They use one shade on the goggle frames and a second shade on the lenses. Those lenses are anti-glare and offer some protection against the sun and wind. The attached strap makes it easy to adjust the goggles to get a good fit. It also does a good job of keeping the wind and debris off and away from your child’s face.

5. OutdoorMaster Kids’ Ski Goggles

OutdoorMaster Cheap Youth Snowboard Goggles

For skiing and snowboarding, these goggles from OutdoorMaster are a good choice for budget shoppers. Compatible with most helmets, the goggles block the sun and wind and allow kids to wear their helmets at the same time. The goggles have a safety frame that reduces the impact they have on your child during a crash or fall and a design that kids can wear over any type of glasses. You can let kids pick their favorite designs or colors too.

6. Odoland Snow and Ski Goggles

Odoland Cheap Youth Snowboard Goggles

Suitable for wearing on the back of a motorcycle or on the mountain slopes, these goggles offer the protection that your kids need in the snow and ice. The goggles can fit children between the ages of six and 14 and come with a bonus pair of goggles for adults. You get a bag for carrying the goggles and a cloth for cleaning the lenses. The goggles fit over most glasses and feature anti-glare lenses.

7. COPOZZ Ski Goggles

COPOZZ Cheap Youth Snowboard Goggles

Upgraded in 2018, these affordable snowboard goggles for kids do a great job of reducing the fog that builds on the lenses. Those lenses have a reflective coating and offer strong protection from the sun. Suitable for older kids, the goggles have removable lenses that you can replace later to save money on winter gear. This pair is compatible with snowboarding helmets and uses a breathable material that helps kids stay comfy when skiing and playing outside.

8. Zionor X10 Youth Goggles

Zionor X10 Cheap Youth Snowboard Goggles

Compatible with the helmets your kids have and those they’ll use in the future, these goggles have anti-fog lenses with a protective coating on the front and back. That coating reduces the effects of the sun’s rays and provides kids with a panoramic view of the area in front of them. This pair comes with a standard set of lenses and a second set designed for use in conditions with less available light.

9. Rngeo Ski Goggles

Rngeo Cheap Youth Snowboard Goggles

If you want to make sure that you’re prepared for all types of incidents, this set is good for you because it comes with a pair of goggles and a backup pair. The latest design features a rainbow across the front that kids will love. On the side of each pair is a set of air vents that keeps kids from overheating because those vents allow air to reach their faces. The goggles also feature an adjustable strap that you can detach when needed.

10. Yidomoto Ski Goggles

Yidomto Cheap Youth Snowboard Goggles

Kids have a tendency to drop and lose things fairly often, but you can keep your kids safe on winter vacations with this set, which comes with three pairs of snowboard goggles. Each pair features a soft band that wraps around the back of the child’s head. The strap won’t cause any discomfort but will keep the goggles from slipping. Each pair features anti-fog lenses and foam padding around the nose and eyes.


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