10 Best Cheap Men’s Telemark Boots 2018

Finding a pair of cheap men’s telemark boots that you can comfortably wear without sacrificing important things like durability, safety, and style can be challenging. This list of some of the affordable men’s telemark boots will give you some of the best boot options available that can give you the endurance you need from a pair of boots without having to ditch your budget.

1. SCARPA Men’s F1 Race Alpine Boot

scarpa-mens-f1-race-alpine-boot-cheap-mens-telemark-bootsThis pair of boots comes in a lemon color, making them a sleek option for whoever wears them. They weigh in at under two pounds, making them a lightweight and efficient product to use. They are also designed to have an optimal touring pivot, which further increases their efficiency. Lastly, they provide you with a ski/walk mechanism combined with an upper cuff buckle. These options are put into a single lever that can give you the opportunity for quick transitions.

2. Black Diamond Custom Ski Boot

black-diamond-custom-ski-boot-cheap-mens-telemark-bootsThis low-cost men’s telemark boot comes purple haze with black. They have a boa closure that dials the boots closed in an easily used function. There is an included plastic liner tongue. This helps to distribute the flexibility of the boot. The extra-wide power strap and four micro-adjust buckles help ensure that the boot is securely set and fastened.

3. Men’s BC 5 XC Telemark Ski Boots

mens-bc-5-xc-telemark-ski-boots-cheap-mens-telemark-bootsThis product is a sleek pair of affordable men’s telemark boots that are sure to please. They offer a large heel strap to help get the boot on easily with a comfortable fit. It is also a very lightweight product that you can feel secure in without having to give up stability. There is also a traditional lacing style that allows you to customize the fit to your liking.

4. Fischer BCX 675 Ski Boots

fischer-bcx-675-ski-boots-mens-telemark-bootsThese boots are a great option when it comes to telemark boots for men. They are a mostly black color with a slight window of lime near the heel. There is a hinged polymer cuff with a velcro fastener that is adjustable. This makes it easy to get them on and off. There is also a heel fit strap that gives you individualized settings depending on how wide your heel is.

5. SCARPA T4 Ski Boots

scarpa-t4-ski-boots-cheap-mens-telemark-bootsThese boots are reasonably sized, weighing in at about three pounds. They are black with silver accents, which will allow them to nicely compliment any additional gear. There are two buckles that are designed to micro-adjust. This gives you control to make sure you have a proper fit each time you put them on. There is also a removable liner that provides you with additional warmth and comfort.

6. Scott Voodoo NTN Telemark Boot

scott-voodoo-ntn-telemark-boot-cheap-mens-telemark-bootsThis sleek boot is designed with black and white markings and red accents. It has a total of three buckles made of aluminum to make sure you are able to achieve a secure fit each time. The buckles are also set to micro-adjust. These boots offer an impressive flex of 130 and can provide you with a 13-degree lean angle. Lastly, the ski/walk switch can give you 46 degrees of cuff rotation.

7. Black Diamond Push Ski Boots

black-diamond-push-ski-boots-cheap-mens-telemark-bootsThe orange and white markings on this boot, along with the black accents, make it a sleek looking option for low-cost men’s telemark boots. The flex offered is 110 and you are given mid stiff bellows to help improve your performance on the trails. There is a power fit light liner included to provide an extra layer of comfort and a boa closure system that can make it easier to get the right fit.

8. SCARPA T2 Eco Telemark Boot

scarpa-t2-eco-telemark-boot-cheap-mens-telemark-bootsThe true blue and acid green colors of this boot match each other well to give you a quality product that looks great too. There are three buckles to get you a perfect and comfortable fit each time you put the boots on. You also get a lean angle of 16 and 19, along with a walking mode. The black removable liner helps keep your feet warm while you’re enjoying the slopes.

9. SCARPA Men’s T-Race Telemark Boot

scarpa-mens-t-race-telemark-boot-cheap-mens-telemark-bootsWhen you’re in the market for telemark boots for men, these are a great option to consider. They are white and red with black accents. There is a booster strap in addition to a four buckle closure that will ensure you get a solid fit each time. There are custom-moldable liners that will keep your feet feeling warm and comfortable, despite whatever harsh conditions are around you. Lastly, the asymmetrical bellows will give you a flex.

10. Salomon MTN Explore Alpine Touring Boots

salomon-mtn-explore-alpine-touring-boots-cheap-mens-telemark-bootsThis pair of affordable men’s telemark boots gives you a 63-degree range of motion along with a stiff flex and a medium instep height. There is a ski/walk switch to allow you flexibility during use, and a one-year warranty in case the boots become damaged. There are two buckles to help ensure a nice fit and an ultralight full thermal liner.

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what options there are when it comes to looking for cheap telemark boots for men. You may also like: 10 Best Cheap Men’s Ski Jackets Under $150

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