10 Best Cheap Women’s Ski Jackets Under ($150)

Buying a good women’s ski jacket can easily cost several hundred dollars or more. Though you might think that you need to choose between one that is good and one that will fit your budget, there are some great ski jackets that are affordable. These jackets offer all the protection that you need from the cold and wind outside. You can shop for one with pockets for storing all the things you carry, including sunscreen and lift passes. To find a great product for your next ski trip or winter vacation, check out the 10 best cheap women’s ski jackets under $150.

1. Wantdo Women’s Mountain Ski Jacket

Priced well below the $150 mark, this ski jacket helps you stay safe and look great while sticking to your budget. It features an exterior that repels water away from your body and a thick hood that you can adjust to fit your face and head. A thumbhole inside the glove on each arm lets you keep the jacket wrapped tightly to avoid the harsh wind. It also has multiple pockets, including a dedicated inner pocket for your phone.

2. OutdoorMaster Women’s 3-in-1 Ski Jacket

Suitable for wearing in three different ways, this jacket comes with two pieces. You get an inner jacket made from a soft fleece material with a full-length zipper and an outer shell that uses Teflon and other materials to help you stay dry and warm. Though you can wear both pieces separately based on the weather outside, you can also wear the two together for more warmth. The outer shell has a convenient pocket that you can reach with either hand too.

3. Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite III Jacket

This jacket from Columbia looks just as stylish when you’re on the mountain tracks as it does when running errands in town. Made from polyester, it’s resistant to stains and rips from objects you encounter and has a long length that reaches down to below your stomach. The quilted design adds to your protection from the cold without adding bulk to the jacket. It also features two pockets on the outside with zippers to keep your items safe and secure.

4. CIOR Women’s Portable Lightweight Coat

A bulky and heavy ski jacket can add a lot of weight to your luggage, but this ultra-lightweight jacket weighs a fraction of what others do. It has a down lining that offers protection from the cold and a polyester material on the surface that keeps the wind and rain away from your body. The included carrying case makes it easy to take the jacket on any trip. Once you remove it from the bag, it will return to its original size and shape within two hours.

5. MAGCOMSEN Women’s Outdoor 3-in-1 Jacket

Thanks to an outer shell and a removable inner liner, this jacket lets you get protection in three ways. You can wear both the shell and liner together or use each one separately. The shell is windproof and uses a soft fleece that feels smooth on your skin. It also has a zipper hood that you can wear or remove as needed. Though the jacket runs a little small, it’s available in sizes up to 3XL.

6. HSW Women’s Jacket

Due to a longer design, this jacket falls down to the hip and may sit even lower on your body. It is both wind-resistant and waterproof to help you stay as warm as possible outside. The inner liner uses cotton wool that pulls moisture away from your skin to help you stay dry too. It has a hem that you can adjust for a more comfortable fit and a storm hood that comes out when you want to wear this as a dress jacket.

7.  Spyder Women’s Siren Long Jacket

Spyder, the company behind many skiing and snowboarding accessories, also makes this women’s ski jacket. It is one of the longest ones available and covers more of your body to help you stay warmer. The jacket features a DWR coating created by Spyder and synthetic insulation on the inside that adds to your overall warmth and comfort. With long sleeves and a thick hood, this jacket will help you stay warm in the coldest of temperatures.

8. Spmor Women’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

Designed for women who want to ski and snowboard comfortably without a lot of added weight or bulk, this ski jacket is both lightweight and slim. The dark color and full-length zipper draw attention to your midsection to make you look skinnier. This lightweight jacket repels water and keeps splashes from soaking through to your skin. It also has soft cuffs made from fabric that wrap around your wrist and cords at both the hem and neck.

9. Wantdo Women’s Windproof Ski Jacket

With multiple colors to choose from, this ski jacket works for all types of women. It has a thick hood lined with a replica fur material that blocks out the wind and keeps the air away from your face. A zipper pocket on one arm is suitable for keys and other small accessories, but you’ll also find three other zippered pockets. This jacket has a cord on the hem, adjustable cuffs and a wind-resistant design.

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10. Camel Crown 3-in-1 Mountain Coat

Available in several colors and sizes, this mountain coat offers loads of protection from the wind and snow. It is both windproof and waterproof for wear on the trails, but it breaks down into two separate pieces. One is a lightweight fleece shell that you can wear on a windy or chilly day, while the other is a polyester outer shell that is suitable for colder days. Both pieces have ample storage pockets too.

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